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28/29 Update (voor Nederlands zie de volgende post hieronder!)

The first quarter of 2010 is over, time for an update on my 28-things-to-do-before-turning-29-list!

1: Make a zine
I've been looking into zines. According to Wikipedia, zines are selfpublished magazines on any subject with a small circulation. I would like to see some examples, so I'll be doing some more surfing and I'm thinking about buying a few. I also need to think about content and have found some things that inspire me. I actually remember doing something like this as a kid and as a teenager, and am getting a little excited about it!
According to Wikipedia they are usually printed or photocopied. However I found a photoprintwebsite that makes photobrochures for reasonable rates, that would be a cool option too! Maybe I could make some as a Sinterklaasgift?

2: Organize a craftparty
I've been thinking about who to invite and what to craft, not sure what I want yet.

3: Have a little art retreat
I've been thinking about that, where I would go, what I would bring. Looking forward to it! I would love to rent a little bungalow near the beach for a few days but because we already have plans for several trips this year it will probably be a day at Wilma and Fred's (less noisy neighbours, our own neighbours would definately start renovating or play loud housemusic and chase inspiration right out of the window).
However I'm going to a workshop weekend later this year so that would count aswell!

4: Make some sort of guestbook, poembook, drawingbook/questionnairepages for in the photoalbum and invite everyone who visits us to do something with them.

I asked my birthdayguests on Januari 1 to answer some silly questions:
what is your favorite food?
what do you find disgusting?
favorite song?
favorite movie?
favorite tv-show?
favorite colour?
favorite animal?
favorite season?
what is your biggest wish?
draw yourself or take a photo of yourself

Asking questions like this provoked some wacky and childish answers off course, some predictable answers, some surprising ones. Feel free to answer the questions in the comment if you weren't one of my birthdayguests ;-)

5: Make a vlog
Not sure what I would show and what I would talk about! So I'm postponing that one for now. If you have any idea / decent requests, let me know in the comments!

6: Make a (short) movie
I've been looking in to simple (and free) video editing software. Maybe I can convince Aafje to act cute in front of my camera ;-)

7: Finish a large scrapbookalbum from before 2010 (not a mini)
I've been checking what photo's I have printed of 2007 and 2009 and selecting which to have printed and ordered a bunch, and I've made lists of what stories I want to tell. But I'm more likely to finish my 2003 album, which is almost finished ;-) Maybe I can work on this during my art retreat?

8: Send in at least one LO for publication (goal reached when the LO is send in, publication would just be a bonus)
I will when I make a lo I really love.

9: Work my way trough Keri Smith's book 'How to be an explorer of the world'

I saw there's a BPS class starting soon that will guide you trough it, I would like to join in but have to focus on my English examns during the next few months, so no time for classes right now! At least the class info gave me the idea for making a field journal, and the examples make me feel frustrated that I can't find any graph paper with lines in bright colours! ;-) Maybe I could also work on this during my art retreat?

10: Make an inspirationwire or -board
not sure where I would hang/put it! I think some pretty postcards would work well! I'll keep an eye out for some!

11: Try something new creatively
crochet. But I didn't do more than try. My goal is to crochet a scarf for Cupcake ;-) Anything else would be a bonus! Wilma scanned some instructions for me, I would love to be able to make some amigurumi cuties as presents!

12: Build Cupcake and/or Mini Cupcake a sand castle
I haven't been to the beach yet this year but spring is here so in a while the weather will be warm enough to built sandcastles!

13: Take Maarten on a surprise outing
Ha, I'll tell you afterwards, in case he reads this ;-)

14: Sew a piece of clothing or something else that's useful
I'm busy learning how to sew! But I think I can cross this off, having sewed a little baggy for the batteries of Wilma's camera! That's useful right?

15: Have a picnick in the park
The weather needs to co÷perate for that! But I'm looking forward to it, bring a book, our new laptop tha actually has a working battery, and off course the camera!

16: Pick flowers
again, the weather! Somehow it would be sad to pick those first springflowers ;-)

17: Bake Cupcakes and decorate them nicely
Yum! Maybe to celebrate if I pass my English examns? Let me know if you have some recipies for frosting, I've never made that!

18: Write a story or a poem
Done!. And I drew some comics for Wilma, does that count as writing a story?

19: Keep learning on my own after my English Examns
First my English, the examns are at the end of May and another one in July. And something tells me after that I will be focussing on French :-) I have ordered some language courses on cd-rom, since doing more highschool subjects would be very expensive. After my English, I will be improving on my French, German and Spanish and learning Italian, all very useful for future travels! And maybe I'll find some time to work on other subjects too with the help of books I own and the internet. After my English examns I'll be keeping an eye out for interesting lectures again, last year I learned that that's something I enjoy. I also have some more visits to museums planned as always!

20: Finish some of the showcases
I haven't gotten around to any of those, the noisy neighbours take away a lot of my crafting inspiration.

21: Finish all projects around the old photo's
I have been working on that just a little bit.

I haven't done anything about these:
22: Work on my filing system for newspaper cut-outs and flyers and the like
23: Get my Sinterklaas-website online
24: Finish the book of us from before our marriage
25: Get my Holland-website online
26: Get my website about the river Rhine online
27: Add journalling to the photo-albums that are otherwise finished and add the stuff I found that I want to add
28: Finish my scrapbookalbum about our wedding

Except for collecting some photo's I would like to use for the websites I'm working on, so some progress on that but actual site building is focussed on my homepage at the moment.

Geplaatst op 02-04-2010.
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Reactie van em jae

awesome list! i can't believe 1/4 of 2010 is over already... holy moly!

Reactie geplaatst op 2010-04-02.

Reactie van Annemarie

Very ambitious. I have been watching you add to your list. A great idea. Good luck with the rest of it.

Reactie geplaatst op 2010-04-05.

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