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We do a lot of recycling around here (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands), which is actually manditory, but we don't mind!

Batteries need to be taken to a special bin that stands in some of the stores. If you put ten of them together in a baggy and add your name and info, you have a chance to win a vacation!

Seperating paper and glass have been common here for many years. Next to neighbourhood malls and sometimes at other places are containers (underground or above ground) for them.
The crate that holds our paper functions as part of the 'Aafje-wall', which separates the corner where the pc stands from the rest of the livingroom which has been made save for cord-loving bunnies ;-) She can actually clamber over it easier than I do but we've come to an agreement about it, she knows she's not supposed to cross the Aafje-wall and in exchange she gets to roam free in the kitchen and the rest of the livingroom most of the day.

In 2008 a test was started for seperating plastic. we didn't mind seperating the plastic, but we did mind that we had to keep it here untill it was picked up, which happened once every two weeks. A couple of months back a container for plastic was added near the mall, so now we can get rid of it whenever the bag is full. Maybe we should buy a bin for it.

Then there's the little bin for organic waste (minus meat), and the large one for other waste. There are underground containers near our building for these types of waste.

Apart from these we have a special bin for small chemical waste in our cellar. This gets picked up by a special truck once a year. It's a common joke that those are the trucks that drive trough your street, give out a warning trough a speaker, you run to get your bin and then you arrive on the street just in tme to see the truck disappear down the end of the street. Fortunately we don't have a lot of small chemical waste. We did when our Indi was still alive, but I used to turn in her used insulin needles at the vets, joking that he could run after the truck with them ;-)
Everything else needs to get dropped off at a special dump at the edge of town, where they seperate the different components, some get recycled.
Getting rid of our waste is one of Maartens tasks. One of the advantages of living in an apartment is not having to bring waste like paper up and down the stairs to toss it into the right bin (I do have a cute tiny bin for little scraps of paper at my scraptable), but then again Maarten has to walk a little with the bags to the containers. Many of the familyhomes in our city have containers for green waste and other waste in their garden or shed that get emptied by a truck once every two weeks (one week the green waste, the other week the other waste). In midsummer having such a container sitting there for two weeks is not a nice thing! When I was living in a studio apartment in The Hague, I had just my one room and no outside space. Garbage got picked up once a week. Which meant I had to be very carefull with trowing away stuff because I had to sleep in the same room as my bin...
We actually have two parks at the edge of town that sit on top of old landfills!
I was talking about this subject with Annemarie a while ago, it's something people don't talk about a lot but the way waste gets handled is actually an interesting part of a culture! So tell me about waste!

Geplaatst op 17-03-2010.
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Reactie van Annemarie

On another subject: I love your floor.

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Reactie van Marit

Jaaa, het is een heel gedoe met glas en papier en groen afval enz. enz. Ik word er soms helemaal gestoord van hoor! Maar we doen ons best...!

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jammer geen nederlands.

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