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27/28/29 (English, voor Nederlands zie de post hieronder)

Happy 2010!

I have to start by telling you that I didn't reach all of my goals for 2009. But I did reach some of them! And I got work done on most of them! All in all this list helped me focus and prioritise and I think I have gotten more work done on these projects than I would have done without it. So I do consider it a succes!
Here's the original post about my list of 27 things to do before turning 28.

So about my progress:

1 work on my English class enough to take the examn in 2010.
Done! I still need to do a lot of work but I got back into it and got enough done to enlist for the examn! Wish me luck!

2 finish all my projects on the old photo's (scanning, burning on cd-rom, sticking them in albums)
Still a lot of work to do when it comes to the old photo's but I did make progress!

3 go to Sweden
Check! Three times even! (If you count twice during one vacation when we travelled into Norway and came back a few days later ;-) )

4 finish the little showcases
Nope, but I did do some work on them.

5 work on my filing system for newspaper cut-outs and flyers and the like
made a little progress.

6 work trough some old home-deco magazines (take pics of the pages with nice sketches and rip out stuff I want to use for my scrapping or art journaling)
got them done and even more than I was aiming for!

7 finish my scrap-UFO's (UnFinishedObjects) from 2008 and before
Done! (except fot a few projects for which I need to find some photo's). There are still a few of these projects that I haven't shown here yet, I'll post them over the next few weeks.

8 DO something with all the great lo's I've stored in my inspirationfolder
erhm, yeah, tiny bit of progress.

9 lose weight and getto a weight under 75 kilo's
I'd wish! But I did put in effort and did a lot of walking and spent some time on my excercise bike and left chocolate alone for about a month (and having very limited portions of it the rest of the year, except for December).

10 read in my books of Dutch writer PC Hooft, even if it's just one of the books or plays
:-( didn't get around tot this one, the moments my concentration was well enough were used for English.

11 finish my 250-challenge

12 order pics for all our photoframes and the little cow-albums I have laying around
Not done but I definately made progress!

13 finish our book of us about the time before we got married
made a little bit of progress.

14 add journalling to the photo-albums that are otherwise finished
Didn't get around to doing this but did do some other work on older albums.

15 Launch my Sinterklaas-website I've been planning for for years
Not there yet but did work on it.

16 Launch my website on the Netherlands that I've been working on for years
Nope but I did work on it.

17 Get all our old video8 tapes and vcr-tapes put on dvd
Done! This was one of the most important things on my list, very happy to have finished this!

18 get my to do stack to a managabel height
Somehow it keeps replenishing itself, even though I do work on it!

19 Do so much of my monthly to do list that it actually gets managable to do within one month
I did do some of the things that were on there for quite a while but things are being added just as fast!

20 launch my website on the river Rhine
Alas! But I did learn some techniques that will come in handy when I do start working on it!

21 learn how to knit if my joints are willing to co÷porate
Didn't get around to this

22 get better acquainted with the sewingmachine
We're still in the phase of getting to know each other but we got introduced and spent sone time together.

23 finish our weddingalbums
practically done and I have a good reason why their not entirely finished.

24 make handmade gifts for Sinterklaas for the ones that will appreciate
we also bought gifts but I made something for everyone!

25 make a selfportrait every day for a month
Done, will show you the mini album I made with these photo's soon!

26 sell or donate our acces stuff
made progress!

27 update my homepage (make it bilingual and update and add some subjects)
Partly done! Still working on more subjects!

As for 2010...

1: Make a zine
2: Organize a craftparty
3: Have a little art retreat
4: Make some sort of guestbook, poembook, drawingbook/questionnairepages for in the photoalbum and invite everyone who visits us to do something with them
5: Make a vlog
6: Make a (short) movie
7: Finish a large scrapbookalbum from before 2010 (not a mini)
8: Send in at least one LO for publication (goal reached when the LO is send in, publication would just be a bonus)
9: Work my way trough Keri Smiths 'How to be an explorer of the world'
10: Make an inspirationwire or -board
11: Try something new creatively
12: Build Cupcake and/or Mini Cupcake a sand castle
13: Take Maarten on a surprise outing
14: Sew a piece of clothing or something else that's useful
15: Have a picnick in the park
16: Pick flowers
17: Bake Cupcakes and decorate them nicely
18: Write a story or a poem
19: Keep learning on my own after my English Examn (German, Latin and Maths for instance)
20: Finish some of the showcases
21: Finish all projects around the old photo's
22: Work on my filing system for newspaper cut-outs and flyers and the like
23: Get my Sinterklaas-website online
24: Finish the book of us from before our marriage
25: Get my Holland-website online
26: Get my website about the river Rhine online
27: Add journalling to the photo-albums that are otherwise finished and add the stuff I found that I want to add
28: Finish my scrapbookalbum about our wedding

As you can see I kept some of my 27/28 goals but also added quite a lot of new ones, more focussed on experiences than projects. I'll keep you posted!

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