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London day 2

On our second day in London we first we walked from the hotel to the place where my mom and dad had the most horrible hotel experience ever, about 30 years ago. It's now a Holiday Inn. We then went to Trafalgar Square. From there we walked to Buckingham Palace, where rain started pouring down. We watched the changing of the guard from inbetween hundreds of umbrellas (several of which managed to hit me in the head :-/ ). Trough St James's Park we walked to the Horse Guards Parade. From there we went to Big Ben. After crossing the Thames we set of on a walk on the Thamesbank all the way to Tower Bridge. There we had a look at Saint Katarine Docks and the outside of the tower.

Onze tweede dag in Londen begonnen we met een wandeling naar de plek waar m'n vader en moeder lang geleden de meest afschuwelijke hotel-ervaring ooit hadden. Het is nu een Holiday Inn. Vervolgens gingen we naar Trafalgar Square. Van daar liepen we naar Buckingham Palace, waar het begon te stortregenen. We bekeken het wisselen van de wacht van tussen honderden paraplu's waarvan er meerdere tegen m'n hoofd mepten :-/ Door St. James's Park liepen we naar de Horse Parade, en van daar naar de Big Ben. Aan de overkant van de Thames begonnen we aan een wandeling langs de rivier helemaal naar Tower Bridge. Daar keken we bij Saint Katarine Docks en de buitenkant van de Tower.

in St. Martin's

Trafalgar Square

Aslan is everywhere ;-)

Cupcake @ Buckingham Palace.

changing of the guard

rain rain, go away....

pelicans living in St James's Park

the horse parade

pic by Frank

Westminster and houses of parliament

the Thames

Cupcake@Big Ben

:-) a lucky shot with my arm streched :-)

buying postcards

living statues on the Thamesbank, pic by Frank

pic by Frank

waiting under a bridge until the rain started falling again in stead of pouring. Unfortunately the bridge let part of the rain right trough...

bookmarket under another bridge, pic by Frank

lunch @ Gabriel's Wharf

sand Artists @ work, pic by Frank (he was braver than I was about using his camera in the rain)

Borough Market

The Golden Hinde. Feeling a de-ja-vu watching photos of these places on my blog? I did the Southbank with Wilma last January and showed the pics. Only those pics showed a lot more sun... Had to go back to the Southbank, not just 'cause it's hip&happening but because I was sent on a mission by Wilma to find her some books @ the souvenirshop of the Globe Theater. Only found one but fortunately it was te one on top of her wishlist!

Southwark Cathedral

a christmas shop. I wonder if there are any year round Sinterklaasshops in the Netherlands?

Hay's Galleria. I was here early 2005 with Maarten and Francien

we made a short detour (wanted to see if the Textile and Fashion Museum had any books in their souvenir shop for Wilma but they were already closed...)

Tower Bridge

this is the hotel Frank and I stayed in in 1988. Pics by Frank

Me in 1988, already practising carrying a camera around my neck. This is a fake of course but I did make some real photos during that trip.

Saint Katarine Docks

Cupcake @ Tower Bridge

Say CHEESE!!! ;-)

we did some shopping @ the trainstation; some pasta salad for dinner and some book shopping and Cadbury's chocolate bars.

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