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In March...

We celebrated Fred's birthday with a dinner party.

Bob and I visited the Stedelijk Museum. We saw the Tinguely exhibition and the Ed van der Elsken exhibition. Afterwards we had dinner at indian restaurant Bombay in Amsterdam. Be warned: when they say a dish is mild, they mean 'mild' in the indian sense of the word, not the way us Dutch would interpret it.

I worked on my paper on the Tinguely exhibition. It took me longer than I had hoped and I still haven't finished it.

My internship at Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer continued. I caught up processing the results of the visitor research and wrote a sort of 'halfway report', sent out the digital newsletter, attended a few museum lessons for an elementary school class according to the plan I had helped come up with and took photo's of said lessons. I got to attend a presentation of the plans for the new museum to the city council.

Spring means more visits from our furry neighbour :-)

I kept paying weekly visits to my grandfather. He lives close to the Stadsmuseum so I usually have dinner at his place after working at the museum.

I attended the Salon de Museology. This month's theme was how to get 'generation Z' to visit and enjoy your museum. Quite inspiring, so I got some ideas I presented to the people at the Stadsmuseum.

Bob, Bram and I visited the Nationaal Militair Museum in Soesterberg. We went to see the Genghis Kahn exhibition. It kept us interested for several hours :-) Afterwards the three of us had dinner at Indian restaurant India Way in Leiden. They have several mild mild dishes :-)

B, J, Bram and I visited Amersfoort again to work on our puzzle walk. It's really coming together now!

Someone treated the staff and interns of Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer to dinner at De Heeren van Soetermeer. We had a fun evening with good food :-)

We had national elections. The results were not what I had hoped for, but it could have been worse.

I attended the monthly film night my friend Bas organizes in The Hague. As did Kim and N. I enjoyed spending some time catching up with them! We had dinner at Deluca and Bas, Kim and I went to see Logan. Bas' birthday was earlier in the week so he treated Kim and me to a huge bucket of popcorn. HUGE! ;-) (No, I did NOT eat all that popcorn on my own! ;-) Kim and I shared, and almost finished it but not quite.)

Frank, Nicolette, Danja, Bram and I visited grandpa. From there, we (minus grandpa) went to the Stadsmuseum, as a birthday celebration for Frank. They succumbed to my questionnaires and fed me some data :-)
Afterwards, Bram and I grabbed some dinner at shoarma joint Jerusalem in Zoetermeer.

I visited Roeland and Poes. Neighbour R joined us and we played Ticket to Ride.

Playing with water colours

Bob, Bram and I saw 'Trainspotting' at Bob's place. After dinner the three of us headed to Leiden to see 'T2: trainspotting' at the cinema.

The month ended with book week. I had saved a few bookstore gift cards for the occasion. I picked two books and an essay and got a free book with that.

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