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In February...

My internship at Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer continued. We had an event for the inhabitants of Zoetermeer to come and brainstorm about exhibition topics for the new museum, which was really fun and creative. I worked on processing the answers people gave in the exhibition and the questionnaires and helped with finetuning the plans for a museum lesson for the top two classes of elementary schools.

I attended a conference at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam about labyrinthine exhibition models. Exhausting but interesting, and useful for the paper I'm writing about the Tinguely exhibition.

As Johan Cruyff put it: every disadvantage has its advantage. In this case: getting to see the sunrise during my train journey.

Bram's sister Angelique had asked for outings as her christmas presents. So we obliged. The three of us visited Museum Sieboldhuis (a museum in Leiden about Japan). We saw two exhibitions and attended a workshop there. We made foam stamps and stamped them on furoshikis: cloths used in Japan for wrapping (and carrying) presents. The workshop was a bit simple to my liking but it was fun to take a whorkshop together.

We had a valentine's date a couple of days before valentine's day. We saw 'Star wars: Rogue One' at the cinema and had dinner at greek restaurant Delphi in Zoetermeer.

It snowed, which made for a nice walk around the city center of Leiden.

We had dinner with Roeland to celebrate his birthday. I cooked us chicken korma with banana raita.

Mark visited us in Leiden. We went to pool café 'The Church' and had dinner at Bram's place together.

I visited my grandfather weekly. By the end of the month, he seemed to be doing a little better, at least healthwise.

I succumbed for Marcel's pressure and attended a lecture Femke Kok (assistant professor at Open University) gave in Utrecht at a meeting of Firapeel, an association focused on medieval history. It was a lecture on the ideas of Thomas Aquinas about the soul.

I attended the 'Salon de museolgie' on the influences of drama on the narrative and design of museum exhibitions. Interesting!

Maarten and I used to enjoy 'Gilmore Girls' back in the day. We had a marathon with the full season of 'Gilmore Girls: a year in the life'.

Bram and I visited Amersfoort. Our 'team mates' had worked on part of the puzzle route a couple weeks earlier (we had had to cancel that day due to health reasons) and we went to test it. With some shopping thrown in and, naturally, hot chocolate at Quetzal.

We played Pandemic and saved the world population from all kinds of creepy viruses. You're welcome! ;-)

We had chocolate fondue.

I visited Eye for the first time. I saw the Béla Tarr exhibiton and quickly skimmed the permanent presentation. Then Marcel joined me for a showing of several short art-related documentaries by Ed van der Elsken (who filmed the two exhibitions Jean Tinguely helped organize at the Stedelijk Museum: Bewogen Beweging and Dylaby) and one by Hans Cürlis. We played with Marcel's new camera.

I met up with Louis. He gave me a tour of the Buitenhof and we talked about his project which focuses on The Netherlands as a society of people. He has started a blog about it (in Dutch).

Angelique and G treated us to a visit to the opera in Gouda. We went to see Dr. Miracle's last illusion. It's a compilation of pieces from different operas, held together by a story about a magician who kills women to learn more about death.

While at Bram's, the cat dropped in. (He lives with one of the neighbours but enjoys visiting us, even though we don't feed him.) I hadn't seen him for a while. I had all kinds of productive plans for the afternoon, but ended up functioning as a lap to lay on.

We visited Amersfoort again, with B and J this time, to work on our puzzle route. We made good progress :-)

We paused for lunch. The zucchini soup was served from a tea pot :-)

At the end of the month, JK was staying at Maarten's place. The two of us had dinner together and went to see the movie Paterson at Filmhuis Den Haag. Nice :-)

JK also visited me at the Stadsmuseum before he headed home. There's still time for you to come visit and be my lab rat by answering all sorts of questions! ;-)

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