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In January...

New year's day was a quiet day at home with Bram. Due to my flu, I was feeling too ill to go out. We wrapped christmas presents (we had postponed christmas with Bram's family due to health reasons), watched the Doctor Who christmas special, had 'andijviestamppot' for dinner (my birthday, my pick ;-) ) and watched Sherlock. I didn't really celebrate my birthday this year due to the circumstances.

We had a meeting for the puzzle walk that we're organizing in Amersfoort this year. We made some progress and had (gluten free) puff pastry as a late birthday treat.

I visited my grandfather. It was his 89th birthday, but of course he wasn't in a festive mood just ten days after my grandmother's death. My uncle was there, and a neighbour.

We celebrated a late christmas with Bram's family, at his sister's place. It was a nice day and I was spoiled rotten with gift cards, hot chocolaty things, a photo album, art and craft supplies and more. We also got the Legends of Andor: New Heroes expansion, which will enable us to play Andor with 5 or 6 players. Some of the presents were wrapped in a lovely creative way :-)

I wasn't fully recovered from the nasty virus that I got down with just before christmas, so I spent several more days in bed. I kept coughing! Fortunately Maarten sent me two books by David Mitchell as a birthday present so I had something to read while resting. I'm still not fully recovered when it comes to my energy levels. Bram came down with the same virus. We had to cancel several plans during the month because of health reasons, booh! As soon as I was feeling a little better, I visited Bram a couple of times and brought groceries. We saw Sherlock together over dinner on the couch.

I started working as an intern at Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer in a somewhat more regular fashion, and my internship plan was finally formally approved by the university. I helped come up with a lesson plan for school classes, went along to a meeting with digital designers who would design a newsletter template, sent out the newsletter when the design was ready and helped come up with questions for a pub quiz that were used for a new year's reception. Nevel a dull moment! ;-) I also worked on gathering the feedback visitors gave in the exhibition and the questionnaires, and wrote an article about the first month's results.

A special plate of Thinkie-friendly snacks at the new years reception the Stadsmuseum held for personnel and volunteers. They're nice like that :-)

I paid weekly visits to my grandpa. He misses my grandmother of course, and isn't used to being alone. So he's really happy to get visitors.

I went to see the Tinguely exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum for the second time, and analyzed several aspects of the exhibition. I made a start at the review/paper I have to write about the exhibition.

Roeland gave a lecture at the OU study center in Amsterdam, about his research into writer Simon Vestdijk's attitude towards the Germans in WW2, based on an analysis of one of Vestdijk's books and several related resources. I had heard him talk about it before of course, but not in such a structured, extended way.

Rob came to visit me at the Stadsmuseum. I made him answer all the questions in the exhibition and fill out the questionnaire, of course. Afterwards we walked along the historical Dorpsstraat (the old main street from back when Zoetermeer was just a village) and had dinner at my grandpa's house.

Maarten, Bram, Caroline and I visited Museum MORE.

We attended a group weekend near Deventer. Games, nice company, a nice house to stay in with a view over a snowy field, a few winter walks, a big bath tub, a sauna and a fire in the hearth :-)

We saw a lovely sunset on our way there.

The house.

Couldn't choose, so I had a bit of both ;-).

Jeroen is a major fan of Lego. He brought a box full of Lego sets and asked for help putting it all together. Several of us were happy to oblige :-)

We attended the celebration of Chinese new year in The Hague. I sort of collapsed while we were there so I didn't see a lot of it (I overestimated my energy reserves, which were still low due to the flu I'd had), but we saw some shows at city hall and saw the dragon dance.

I'm a rooster. Yes people, this year is my year! ;-)

My guy is a tiger!

The dragon.

We went to see 'Fantastic Beasts and how to find them' at the cinema.

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