Hi, my name is Thinkie, welcome to my blog!
I'm a student in cultural studies, a museum enthusiast, a scrapbooker and an art journaler. I love to travel within Europe and I enjoy photography. You can read more about me on my homepage.


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I live, I love, I create, I capture, I learn, I enjoy.

In November...

I started my internship at the local museum: Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer. I'm still awaiting official approval from the university, but I've already started my work there. I'll be conducting visitor research. Come and visit the exhibition that opens on December 16, and share your opinions and ideas during your visit!

I studied very hard for my cultural heritage exam. I wasn't feeling too confident about how I did, so I was relieved when I found out I had gotten an 8 after all.

Bram and I saw 'The Big Friendly Giant'.

I visited my grandparents twice and went on a mission to get my grandmother new slippers. Van Veen Schoenen at the Dorpsstraat in Zoetermeer, where she's been a loyal customer for years, provided great service.

I had dinner with some of the monthly filmnight peeps in The Hague but wasn't feeling well so didn't go to the cinema. We found out that 'Plein XIX' isn't the best place for dinner if you want to be able to have a conversation without shouting (LOUD music!) and they didn't bring my dinner until after one of the others had finished his (I told them to start so it wouldn't get cold).

We travelled to Harlingen to attend the award ceremony where Roeland was given the Ina Damman Prize 2016.

Maarten and I spent two days in Eindhoven to see light festival GLOW. We also saw light art at the Van Abbe Museum and went to the cinema to see Miss Peregine's Home for Peculiar Children.

J hosted a movie marathon that we attended. We saw several Tim Burton-movies: Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Big Fish, Beetlejuice and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. It was nice to hang out!

We visited Amersfoort again to get more inspiration and information for the puzzle walk we're organizing. With a break at chocolate bar Quetzal :-)

We visited Bram's family to celebrate his mother's birthday.

I tried this cauliflower hummus recipe. I can't have regular hummus because of my stomach disorder, but had gotten curious about it. So when I came across this recipe I gave it a try. I did swap the crushed raw garlic out for chopped and fried garlic. I tried it with carrot sticks and Golden Delicious apple slices and liked the apple best.

I spent a weekend in the South, visiting JK.
We went geocaching in Maaseik, Belgium. JK had gotten a new GPS handheld and gave me his old one (which still works properly, just has less features) :-) We also visited the local museum of Maaseik. It was pretty cool for a small local museum. We saw a fun exhibition about the romans made of lego.
We had dinner at an Indian restaurant just over the Dutch border in Germany.
JK and I also visited Tilburg together. More geocaching and a visit to the Textielmuseum.

Maximus Brickius, the mascot of the lego exhibition.

The Indian restaurant served a pretty good shahi paneer :-)

Bram, Bob and I visited Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden's natural history museum, to see their T-rex exhibition. After dinner we played Legends of Andor.

Meet Trix the T-rex!

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