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In October...

I visited Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer.

I briefly visited the yearly historical market in Zoetermeer. There were stalls and at the market square knights squabbled and a bird demonstration took place.

On my GP's orders I had to start eating wheat again for several weeks, after eating gluten free for over a year. It was neccesary to find out if I'm really allergic or if it's 'just' a sensitivity. I made a wishlist of everything I had missed and wanted to eat again. :-) Ah yes, hello pizza and proper roux-sauce! It did trigger symptoms but not as bad as last year. My blood test came out clean, so it's not an allergy but just a sensitivity. That's bad enough but means (if I understand correctly) there's no real damage done other than temporary symptoms when I eat something with gluten. I'm back to a gluten free diet now and will stick to that to avoid the not-so-fun symptoms, but knowing the consequenses are limited saves me a lot of stress about cross-contamination when eating out, yay!

We visited M and played Zombicide and The Legends of Andor.

Even though I spent some time living in Leiden part time, I had never celebrated 'Leids ontzet'. It's a local festival celebrating how Leiden was freed after a long siege by the Spaniards in the late 16th century. We spent some time at the funfair, where we snacked on an oliebol/berliner bol. We got totally drenched by heavy rains while checking out the market. We had the traditional meal of 'hutspot' with 'klapstuk'. And we went to see the parade.

We saw Star Trek: beyond.

We visited Burger's Zoo with Martijn and his new girlfriend A. Afterwards we enjoyed an Indian dinner in Arnhem.

Marcel and I visited cat café Ditjes & Katjes.

We visited the Viking market at the ruïne van Teylingen (ruins of Teylingen), where we met up with Bob, Caroline, Y and A. we checked out the market, listened to Kaunan and Sowulo and saw some fighting demonstrations. It was a nice, sunny day.
Afterwards we had a greek dinner in Leiden with Bob.

Remember I told you we had won the puzzle walk in Haarlem last May? In October we went to Amersfoort to get ideas for next year's walk, that our team has to organize.

Bram and I visited Blijdorp zoo.

I met up with Leo in Amersfoort. More ideas for the puzzle walk, a visit to chocolate café Quetzal (a chain I knew from Belgium that has now made it's way to the Netherlands), and just hanging out and catching up.

I spent several days looking after poes Poes while Roeland was traveling. During those days I came down with a severe cold. I spent lots of time in bed with Poes and the book 'A little life' by Hanya Yanagihara. Roeland's place is just minutes away from Bram's, so before my cold got too bad, I managed to get myself to Bram's couch where I wrapped myself in a blanket and we saw two movies: 'The hours' and 'Dune'.

I reached out to Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer and was invited to come talk about an internship. Crossing my fingers that the university will approve the plan!

Catching a cold messed up my study planning (as usual). I worked on Cultural Heritage, for which the exam was approaching rapidly.

I volunteerd at Museum Meermanno during Museum Night, welcoming people at the door. I also got a chance to check out some of the activities the museum offered. I had a confession session with a peculiar 'priest', had an indulgence printed and posed for photographs with a (fake, of course) chicken. Such a fun event!

Someone from 'Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak' came to play the hurdy-gurdy (draailier). I love that instrument. Would love to be able to take lessons with this nonprofit and learn to play it properly.

Bram and I visited Blijdorp Zoo again. This time we brought drawing supplies.

Looks like my roof terrace-snails have been busy making baby snails.

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