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In September...

I finished my exam project for Project Management. I wasn't sure if I did well enough, but fortunately I got an 8 :-) This means that, considering the amount of ECTS I have earned, I have now entered the third and final year of my bachelor studies (never mind that it will probably take me two more years, as a part time student).

I picked up 'Cultural Heritage' again, on which I had made a start in early summer. I'm hoping to take the exam in November.

We played games. Machi Koro, Carcassonne, Fluxx, Qwirkle, Agricola (2 player edition)...

Maarten, Bram and I met up with Rob in Gorinchem. We spent some time walking around town and then headed towards Rob's new place in a village nearby for dinner. On our way there we stopped at a nice viewpoint.

André and I visited the Noordbrabants Museum to see the exhibition Van Eyck, Brueghel, Jordaens. The exhibition shows works from the Bruckenthal Museum in Sibiu, Romania. Amongst them is 'Protrait of a Man with a Blue Chaperon' by Jan van Eyck, that I hadn't seen before. That saves me a trip to Romania :-)

I had a job interview at the RKD (institute for art historical documentation) for a freelance job. The interview went well, but in the end they picked another candidate with more knowledge and experience. It was a nice experience though, to be picked as one of 6 candidates out of 200 applicants. And it offered me a chance to gain experience with job interviews.

I attended a study meeting about Italian Renaissance art in Rotterdam, for a study course I plan to enroll in later this study year. We started with lectures at the OU study center. After lunch we met up at Museum Boijmans for a tour of a couple of Italian renaissance paintings they have on display, and a private viewing for our group of a selection of Italian renaissance drawings.

Bram and I visited his parents.

I met up with L for another philosophical conversation about The Netherlands as a community, a topic he is currently studying.

I hosted a BBQ in the garden. Bram, Maarten, Roeland, Bob and Mark attended. We ate sausages and hamburgers and chatted about the meaning of life and about comics. Love spending time with these guys!

Photo taken by Maarten.

Frank and I spent an afternoon in Delft. The weather was nice, so we spent a lot of time strolling around town and sitting outside. We also visited Gereedschapmuseum Mensert.

Hot chocolate in Leiden with Bram.

Bram and I got to spend a short vacation at bungalow park Rabbit Hill at the Veluwe. We visited Paleis Het Loo, walked through the woods, enjoyed the facilities of the park and just relaxed.

We visited the Boekenfestijn at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. It's a big indoor market with books, craft supplies and other stuff. There are interesting bargains to be found and therefore it's a good place to find presents (thinking ahead for december).

I got back into swimming. The lack of logistics of my fellow swimmers continues to baffle me, but it was good to be back in the warm water.

Bram, Bob, Roeland, M and I met up at Haagweg 4 to enjoy the open house route of local artists in Leiden. We visited lots of studios and saw a lot of different styles of art. Very inspiring and fun! Afterwards there was dinner at Roeland's place.

I attended a UNESCO debate about the positive and negative effects world heritage status has on heritage in war zones.

I attended the Salon de Museologie with Fran. The topic was visitor research.

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