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In May...

On May 5 I visited the fair in Oegstgeest, where Bram was voluntering at the first aid-stand. Fortunately we didn't see any action. Afterwards we hung out at the Leidse Hout, licking a popsicle and laying in the grass.

We had easter breakfast. Again. Yes, it was 6 weeks after easter. But we had chocolate eggs left and easter breakfast is just fun! :-)

Bram and I went to Rotterdam. We visited art store Harolds and the Markthal.

We had a little pre-celebration of Bram's birthday, combined with Mother's Day, with Bram's family. His mother had found out that Hema sells glutenfree pastry :-)

Bram and I visited park Clingendael in The Hague. We went to see the Japanese garden, which was pretty and busy. Afterwards we hung out in the gras, and took a stroll around the park.

Bram totally crushed me with Pickomino (Regenwormen) again.

I visited Roeland and poes Poes. Roeland cooked me kip korma.

Bram and I spent a day in Amsterdam. We walked around in the sunshine, visited the World Press Photography-exhibition at the Nieuwe Kerk and attended the Salon de Museologie/Erfgoedarena.

I finally started swimming! I had an intake earlier this spring for therapeutic swimming in hot water, and in May I actually started going. It's possible to do exercises with fysiotherapists in the water but I have opted for just swimming laps. I'm happy with my choice because those different exercise groups seem to be training in ways either too mellow for me or too intense. And I just enjoy doing laps on my own.
Often times it's quite busy in the water and for many of the (mostly-quite-a-bit-older-than-me) attendees it seems to be a social activity as well as sports therapy. Many of them swim pretty slowly (but I bet some of them can keep it up longer than me) and sometimes several of them swim next to each other, blocking the way. The logistics seem pretty chaotic and I spend quite a lot of my time in the water dodging others.
My fibromyalgia has made moving around painful for me since 1993, to different degrees. I'm in a pretty good place now, especially during the warmer parts of the year. But apart from walking and infrequent, short bikerides I didn't get any exercise. I like to swim, but my muscles can't take the regular temperature of swimming pools. Swimming in warm water doesn't make moving painfree, but it is definitely the closest I can get, and that feels pretty good!

Another thing that my muscles are thanking me for is that I swapped out the narrow bed I was using for a double bed. That allows a wider range of sleeping positions and more turning and moving around during the night, which allows more of my muscles to get their share of relaxation and improves my quality of sleep.

I accompanied Bram to the birthday celebration of his friend D. She had arranged a tour of Museum Swaensteyn in Voorburg :-)

We celebrated Brams birthday by attending the yearly puzzle walk. This year's location was Haarlem. We saw lots of nice bits of the old city that I hadn't visited before and had a lot of fun. And... our team won! Which means we get to organize next year's puzzle walk.
Afterwards we met up with Bob at an Indian restaurant for a birthday dinner.

Bram hosted another games night, which was also another little birthday celebration (the bunting was still up anyway, and stretching out the celebrations gave us a good excuse to sample another variety of Hema's glutenfree pastry ;-) ). We had dinner with Roeland, Bob and Maarten. Maarten left and we played Seven Wonders. Then Roeland left as well and we played The legends of Andor.

I managed to get back into a pretty good study flow this month, even though I always feel like I should have done more, even after a long day of studying. I attended a study meeting on cultural history for 'Culturele vaardigheden 2' in Zwolle. In the weeks leading up to the meeting I had to read texts and conduct a little research on the Marshall plan. Those things were discussed during the meeting, and we saw a few short films about the Marshall Plan that we had to analyze.
Afterwards I went to Museum de Fundatie, where I met up with Bram. I had just enough time to get a quick impression of the exhibition 'Wilden', on the expressionism of Brücke and Blaue Reiter.
We had 'dinner' at MacDonalds before we traveled back west.

I had dinner with Maarten. He showed me photo's from his trip to Iran.

I attended a study meeting on old Netherlandish painting. I have an exam on that topic later this month and I've been working my way through the textbook but still have some way to go. The meeting was held at the RKD (an institute for art-historical documentation). There was a lecture on Max Friedländer and Jef van der Veken, a short introduction tour of the RKD and an introduction to the RKD's collection on technical research on paintings. Then we got a chance to practise searching for source materials in the database and locating them in the study hall. I picked Jan van Eyck and together with a fellow student I found a box with photo's of drawings (most of the originals have been lost during WW2 :-( ). After the meeting I stayed at the RKD for a while to conduct a little comparative research with those drawings and the drawing of the Fishing Party that Claudine Chavannes-Mazel has attributed to Jan van Eyck.

Bob, Bram and I visited Keltfest. Despite horrible forecasts with thunderstorms and hailstorms, we had a lovely, sunny day hanging out in the grass listening to lots of bands.

Bram and I attended Marcel's birthday party. Which was quite a challenge travel-wise, because of extensive railway works in that area.

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