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In April...

I started April by catching up with L, whom I hadn't seen for over a year (maybe even two) over drinks at Doppio in Zoetermeer. We had a nice philosophical chat.

I met up with Bram and Bob at Bram's place. We had dinner together and played Machi Koro and Pickomino (Regenwormen). Bram was ill and my sprained ankle was still bothering me, so Bram and I had to cancel our plans to visit the Drents Museum in Assen.

When my ankle was starting to get better, my back started bothering me pretty badly for over a week. It hurt less when I was moving, so I went on a little spring photohunt.

I tried growing chives, but to no avail. I might give it another try.

I had dinner with Maarten. We watched the last two episodes of Heroes.

Wilma and I visited Ikea. I got a cart to store some of my craft supplies. Thank you Ikea, for selling gluten free chocolate-coated marshmallow treats! ;-)

I visited Leo. He has a photo studio at home and we did a photoshoot of me in wood elf costumes.

Bram hosted a games night. Roeland, Bob and M came over. We had dinner together and played Robo Rally and Chicago Ganster. Fun!

Da gansta!

I spent a weekend with JK. We visited Liège and Gangelt and did some geocaching.

Cat Luka was unwell for several weeks. There wasn't much to be done about it, despite consulting the vet. We fed her from a spoon, Wilma gave her pain killers and everyone spoiled her with extra attention. She got to see the birds from her chair near the window and seemed pretty content most of the time. She died on April 17, a few weeks short of her 20th birthday.

Bram and I took advantage of the nice spring weather one day to go on a little walk.

I studied early netherlandish painting. I'm so glad that I've had a chance to see many of the works I'm reading about in real life, or at least other paintings of the same painter! I wish I could go back and study them some more!

Mark, Maarten, Bram and I met up at Marks place to catch up and have dinner together. We made ratatouille.

I caught a cold. Yuck. And right before Elfia, too! Wilma dug up my old wheelchair and I downed a couple of pain killers, OD'd on vitamin C and got to go for part of one day. I wish I could have gone the entire weekend, but at least I got a little taste of Elfia and had a nice afternoon with Bram, Bob, Mark and M. I was able to enjoy parts of the second day's concerts from my sickbead through Bram's phone :-)

We celebrated Wilma's birthday with a family dinner.

Bram hosted another games night, with Bob and Roeland attending. We played Legends of Andor.

I accompanied Wilma to a location of vereniging Kattenzorg, to pick up Wilma and Fred's new cats Purr and Zimbo. They're halfbrother and -sister, both 7/yo and huge. Zimbo is very outgoing and cuddly. Purr is a bit shy.

I ended the month with a quiet weekend at Bram's place while he was away. Did some shopping and checked in with poes Poes (Roeland was away on a day trip). I studied a little, recovered some more from my cold, snacked on fresh strawberries and played the solo puzzle game Road block. I got stuck on #44, for now ;-)

Don't let the innocent look fool you: I was playing 'catch the kitty' and she was playing 'catch the human' ;-) She almost got me a few seconds after I took this photo ;-) All in good fun, of course!

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Reactie van Bob

Thank you for *not* posting my horrible result at Regenwormen ;-) Also I love the pic of the mosquito!

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