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I'm a student in cultural studies, a museum enthusiast, a scrapbooker and an art journaler. I love to travel within Europe and I enjoy photography. You can read more about me on my homepage.


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Me in 7 Objects

On Stacy Julian's blog I saw a post about picking a limited amount of objects that represent you and your life and interests right now. I liked the idea and went around my room to collect a few favorite and/or characteristic items.

Camera - I rarely leave the house without a camera. Photography is one of my creative outlets. But more importantly: I'm a memory keeper and like to catch all sorts of experiences, people and places on camera. Those photo's form the basis for my photo albums and blogposts. And sometimes they're useful for my studies: they help me analyze art, museums and exhibitions as well.

Museum card - This is my ticket to heaven. Museums are my happy place! The card costs 60,- and gives access to most Dutch museums for a year. Sometimes there's an extra exhibition fee, and there are a few smaller museums here and there that aren't a part of this system. But overall, this card saves me A LOT of money on museum tickets. There are months in which I visit so many (or such expensive) museums that I would have had to pay more on tickets during that one month than I pay for this year-long card. Without the card, I couldn't afford to visit this many museums. It's a life saver for a museum nerd, especially one that has to visit museums for her studies!

Nokia 6300 - It's so funny how people just assume you have a smartphone. I've even had people being a bit annoyed that I hadn't received their whats-app message! During group trips I feel pretty out of the loop when people are making dinner arrangements, for instance, and I have to keep bugging people for information if I don't want to be left out. Erhm, dude, I have a dumbphone! I'm actually still quite happy with it, but next week I'm migrating to the second hand Samsung Galaxy S3 Maarten gave me for my birthday. I've found a provider that offers unlimited calling and texting and 1Gb data for less than my current provider was charging for just unlimited calling and texting. I'll still be using the 'more advanced' functions of my smartphone with wifi mostly. And if all goes well, I'll still have the phone number I got with my first mobile phone in 1999. :-) The Nokia also signifies that I'm not one to jump on every trend that comes along. And that I'm good about taking care of my posessions and making them last.

'We kick ass'-card - Bram gave me this last year. It was funny, because I gave him exactly such a card too, on that same occasion! The text has a special meaning to us and it's good to have the card on display as a reminder. And it was just too funny that we gave each other the same card at the same moment!

Qwirkle - Qwirkle reminds me of how much I enjoy playing games with people and how happy it makes me that I'm doing that more often lately. And that I should keep doing it! It reminds me that I'm pretty good at playing games (I used to win games often as a kid) and that I especially love playing games against well matched opponents that pose enough of a challenge without beating you flat out ALL the time. It reminds me of Berlin last summer, where I saw some friends play it. I got curious so when we got home, Bram got out his Qwirkle and it became a new favorite. It reminds me of how I received Qwirkle last december during a Sinterklaas party. It reminds me how Bram is great at picking cool presents even if they're not on my wishlist. It reminds me of the good times I had playing it with people. Good times with friends!

Caran d'Ache Neocolor II - These water soluble pastels are one of my latest creative loves. It represents how I'm getting better again at nurturing my creative side, after neglecting it a bit for a couple of years. It represents how I'm mostly playing around in mixed media/art journaling lately, and how I'm trying out different materials. It shows my growing interest for water colouring. It represents how Bram is into drawing and drawing materials lately, and how cool it is to share that creative interest with him. It reminds me how sweet he was when he found just one (discounted!) box of these at V&D in February and let me have it, even though he wanted it too. (Fortunately, he found another box at another V&D store the next day. And I have now upgraded to a box with 30 colours, recently found discounted A LOT at V&D.) It reminds me of how Bram encourages me in my creative endeavours, as do some other people around me. It reminds me of how dangerous it is for my budget that Bram has an art store right around the corner, where they sell more colours of Neocolor II. It represents to me how I draw creative inspiration from following different blogs from scrapbookers, art journalers and mixed media artists.

Book - This book represents my love for reading and learning. It is a study book, so it represents my studies. It's on Old Netherlandish painting, and therefor represents my interest in medieval history and art, especially in Jan van Eyck and other 'Flemish Primitives'.

Of course these objects don't represent everything about me and my life. But still, this photo tells a lot about me. It's a nice snapshot of life right now. And a nice exercise in telling a story by showing objects. And it illustrates how many different things one object can tell.
So how about you? What 5 or so objects would tell a nice story about your life right now?

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