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February Scrapbooking and Art Journaling

By the end of January, I found myself in need of some creative relaxation. So after my exam on February 1st I got out my paint and started playing around. I spent a lot of time hanging out on my floor with my paints and a stack of cardstock, making art journal backgrounds like there's no tomorrow. I found some cheap silver acryllic paint and loved experimenting with it, trying out how it would interact with other paint colours and different materials.

At some point I got the silver paint on my hands, combined with different shades of green. It made me think of dragon scales and I tried to recreate the effect on cardstock, in vain.

When it comes to techniques and materials, sometimes there's a lot of overlap in my art journaling and my scrapbooking. Especially since much of it ends up in the same album. So yes, these categories can be pretty arbitrary and are totally subjective ;-)

The page above actually started out as a no-photo page. But towards the end, I decided that the photo (taken by Wilma at Castlefest last summer) would go nicely with the page. There's no rule saying you have to stick to your original plan, right? ;-)
I was watching this video by Celine Navarro, in which she shows her steps in making a mixed media scrapbook page. I followed her lead up to a certain point and then went my own way. I like experimenting with layers, but it helps to have a little guidance to get back into it. With the help of this video I used more layers and more types of materials than I would have done on my own. I got out, amongst other things, cardstock, gesso, acrylic paint, mists, ink, washi tape, a die-cut, a tag, a page of an old book, glue spray, stamps... It's a bit hard to read the whole title, is reads: 'Let's dance our lives away'.

This page feels more like a scrapbook page to me, more clean and more about the photo. I used cardstock, tissue paper, letter stickers, a tag with mists sprayed on it, a journaling block that I stamped on a transparent sheet of plastic, washi tape, black stickertape, a french stamp and... for the first time I years I gor out my Sizzix Sidekick and dies (I used the sizzlits Funky Brush alphabet for the title and hearts). The silly photo was taken by Kees in Berlin last summer during a bbq at a beach club. The title could be translated as something like 'pair of weirdos'. Yep, that's us ;-)

Geplaatst op 03-03-2016.
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Reactie van Marit

Wat leuk om weer eens wat creatief werk van je te zien Thinkie! De kleuren op je vingers... waaauuuw! Ja, ik kan me voorstellen dat je dat k op papier wilt krijgen... misschien werkt het door groenen op zilverkleurig (metalic) papier of karton te verwerken? Ennuh... heb je al eens een nat laagje zilver/goudverf met een hittepistool bewerkt? Krijg je fantastische bubbeltjes!! Ik hoop dat alles goed met je is - fijne zondag meis!

Reactie geplaatst op 2016-03-06.

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