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I'm a student in cultural studies, a museum enthusiast, a scrapbooker and an art journaler. I love to travel within Europe and I enjoy photography. You can read more about me on my homepage.


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In February...

I started February with an exam on cultural history of the Middle Ages. I got an 8 out of 10.

Bram and I saw 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. Not sure what to think of it. Weird characters, and that storyline?!

Bram and I visited the Sieboldhuis, to see an exhibition about prints of Mount Fuji.

I spent some time with Johan in his studio.

I took care of a lot of errands and todo-list items. Feels good to have them out of the way.

I had dinner with Maarten a few times.

I spent some time crafting. Bram is really into drawing right now. There is an overlap in materials en techniques in what I'm doing. I love that we can share these things! We hunted for craft/drawing supplies together and experimented with different materials.

I visited the Wereldmuseum with Bram and JK. It was my first time visiting this museum in Rotterdam. In the museum we saw a nice temporary exhibition on the Persians, the very religion oriented permanent exhibition and Roeland, which was a fun surprise. After our museum visit we sat in a tram car around the corner, waiting for it to leave (it's the end/beginning of the line), when we saw Maarten walking towards us. He knew we would go to the museum, but not that we would be leaving at that time, and by tram. Nice timing :-) So he joined us and gave us a tour of Rotterdam's central railway station (Bram and I have seen it several times, but JK hadn't and was interested in its architecture). We headed for Zoetermeer, where we were supposed to meet up with Rob for dinner. At Leidschenveen, we transferred from metro to tram and found Rob riding the same tram car. I cooked them (vegetarian) risotto and we had dinner in my room. After Rob had left we played Qwirkle.

Bram and I had drinks with JK (who was staying at Maarten's place for a few days) in The Hague and visited the temporary exhibition at the Mauritshuis, about depot pieces.

I fell ill with a cold. Yuck. Spoiled my plans for another museum visit with JK. But at least it came AFTER my exam this time, I guess that's an improvement. I curled up in bed with my laptop, reading blogs, working on blogposts of my own and going through photo's to select which ones I want to have printed and/or use for blogposts.

Bram and I celebrated valentines day. I hadn't quite recovered from my cold yet, so we hung out at Brams place and watched movies. We started Moon. Interesting concept but it became too gruesome so we didn't watch the end. We also saw The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

I spent quite some time working my way trough a mooc on the 21st century museum, organized by Leicester University's School of Museum Studies (where I hope to study for my MA after finishing my BA). It was fun and interesting. In the final week of the course there was a chat with some people from the university, and I learned a little more about studying there. Can't wait!

I experimented with baking gluten free pastry. My banana-walnut cake had the tendency to fall apart but tasted well.

Bram and I visited Bob and spent the day playing games. We played Flashpoint, Thurn and Taxis, Rifugio and Qwirkle. Bob cooked us dinner. And we tried some odd snacks: bratwurst potatoe chips, cheese fondue potatoe chips, and star wars chocolate lollies.

I attended a study day on Rembrandt in Amsterdam. In the afternoon I visited Museum het Rembrandthuis with fellow students and a professor, and in the evening there was a lecture on the Rembrandt Research Project.

Bram and Marcel came over for a vegetarian Indian dinner. Marcel brought Indian music. We had a nice evening!

I went to Groningen to see the exhibition 'David Bowie is' at the Groninger Museum. Pretty cool!

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