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In January...

I started January and 2016 by celebrating my birthday in Vienna. I visited the Donauturm with Bram, Maarten and Bob, had a hot chocolate-date at the famous Demel with Bram and Indian dinner with all three of the guys again.
We stayed in Vienna untill the 6th.

Since not all my friends and relatives could come to Vienna to celebrate my birthday, we held a little get-together at Sociëteit De Burcht in Leiden after we got back. Bram, Maarten, Wilma, Roeland, former neighbour Maurice, Frank, Nicolette, Danja, Bob, Fran, Geralde, Mark and André came to celebrate. Fun! I had asked people to pay for their own drinks as a present, but I was spoiled none the less! The chocolate bar you see in the photo was sent to me by friends. And I got several cards in the mail and lots of birthday wishes on facebook and otherwise.

Photo taken by Abcarius Art

Photo taken by Abcarius Art

I met the famous one and only Danja!!! Woohooo! Unfortunately I didn't think to ask for her autograph ;-) #sistersbeingsilly

You can't see it very well in the photograph, but Bob had made me a drawing about the life cycles of different types of stars. Cool!

Bram and I played Qwirkle cards, a different version of my beloved Qwirkle game. I won big time in the first round, and then made a stupid mistake at the end of the second round wich made it a win for Bram in stead of a draw.

I attended a lecture at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden about the new permanent exhibition on ancient Greek history. Afterwards, Bram joined me for a visit to said exhibition.

Bram introduced me to the game 'Regenwormen'. Simple and fun. We played two rounds. I totally crushed him in the first round, and he won the second one. See a pattern here?

I spent a weekend with the sweet poes Poes in Leiden while Roeland went on a weekend trip.

Bram and I went to see the latest Star Wars movie at Lido cinema. It was my first time in Lido. It has a bad rep and turned out better than I expected, but still, I prefer Trianon and Kijkhuis when it comes to leiden cinema's.

Bram and I visited Museum De Fundatie in Zwolle.

We attended a group weekend near Losser.

I studied medieval history. Open University sent me this lovely book to study: 'Cultuurgeschiedenis van de middeleeuwen'. I've also been reading 'Eeuwen des onderscheids' and watching a series of Yale lectures on early medieval history by Paul Freedman. It always takes me far too long to get into a good study habit, so I had a few pretty intense weeks right before the exam. I think I did okay, but it will take a while before I get the results.

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