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In December...

We started december with an early Sinterklaas party. Bram, Wilma, J, Maarten and I got together at Maartens place to celebrate. (Fred was supposed to join us originally but wasn't able to due to medical circumstances.)

Maarten gave me an early birthday present: a smartphone his colleague was selling for a fair price (the screen is damaged). It was kind of a culture shock. Appearently I can just hold my photo camera and my phone closely together, tap on the screen somewhere, and hey presto, one sends photo's to the other! I'm still figuring out the workings of this magical object ;-)

Roeland came over for dinner. I beat him at Qwirkle (that Sinterklaas got me). But only just.

Bram and I visited the Rijksmuseum. We saw an exhibiton on the discovery of Vermeer's 'little street' and the exhibition Asia-Amsterdam.

I had dinner at the Filmhuis restaurant with Marcel. After dinner, B joined us and we went to see 'Youth'. A somewhat surreal movie about youth and growing old.

Bram and I attended the Midwinterfair. Bob joined us for parts of the day. We saw a lot of bands playing, listened to a story of Donderelf and had a stroll along the stalls.

When I'm at home, I eat dinner at my desk. I'm currently watching a series of Yale college classes on the early Middle Ages during dinner. I usually play mahjong at the same time.

Maarten and I visited the Amsterdam Light Festival. We did a boat tour and, on a different evening, walked the Illuminade.

I attended christmas dinner at Museum Meermanno. I hadn't been there for quite a while but there has been talk about a new project for me to tackle. It was fun too see everyone again!
Graphic artist Hanna de Haan from atelier Blauw had prepared a workshop for us. We made a kitchen litho using cola. My first experiment didn't work out too well, but I'm quite happy about the second one, despite the lettering being mirrored.

Bram, Bob and I attended Castlefest.

André and I met up in Delft to visit the Prinsenhof. In 2014 we had seen about half of the museum. This time around we saw the rest of it. Afterwards we drank hot chocolate.

On christmas eve, Bram and I visited the cinema to see the fourth Hunger Games movie. We had re-watched the first movie earlier in the month and I had watched the third one on my own. After the movie we had christmas dinner with Wilma and Fred. They had bought us deliberately tacky christmas sweaters (these are the worst they could find, the truly tacky ones were sold out) and a few smaller presents.

On christmas day Bram and I spent a cozy day together at his place. We watched Sherlock and the Doctor Who christmas special, had nice meals and wrapped presents for his family party the next day.

Bram gave me a cute chocolate snowman as a christmas present.

On boxing day I cooked dinner for Bob, Mark and Roeland. Yay for christmas dinners with friends!

Maarten, Bob, Bram and I ended the year in Vienna, with an international group of about 300 people. What a lovely city!

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