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In November...

Frank hosted a movie marathon. Never mind that our group had spent pretty much all of last year watching all the James Bond-movies; because of Spectre playing at the cinema, they wanted to see the Daniel Craig-movies again. I joined them for the first few hours and at the end of the day. It was fun hanging out with these guys again!

I skipped the middle part of the Bond-marathon to see another movie, another one shown on the occasion of the LIFF. Roeland, Bob and I went to see 'Avril et le monde truqué'. At the end of the LIFF-movies you're asked to rate them. I gave this one a 4+ out of 5.

I visited the Noordbrabants Museum to analyze a painting for a study assignment. The assignment said to choose one from the 15th, 16th or 17th century. I just went to a quiet corner of the museum and picked a painting that had a bench in front of it ;-) It turned out to be 'Landscape with travelers' by Sebastiaan Vrancx

The Noordbranats has a big exhibition on Bosch coming up, and weird creatures are starting to appear in the museum...

I went to see 'Spectre' at the cinema with JK.

I attended a study meeting on philosophy for 'Cultuurwetenschappelijke vaardigheden 2'. I was one of only four students attending. We were assigned to read two texts on the philosophy of science up front, from Popper and Kuhn, and I enjoyed discussing them with the professor and my fellow students.

I met up with N in Leiden. We had dinner together at Oudt Leyden. It was my second visit to this restaurant and again, they were great in handling dietary wishes!

Danja and I spent a day in Amsterdam. She wanted to visit Madame Tussauds, and after that we walked around town. We had Eraclea hot chocolate at Tazzina and an overdose of belgian fries at LaPlace at the top floor of the public library building.

Maarten and I spent two days in Eindhoven to enjoy the light art of GLOW again. On the second day we visited the Van Abbe museum.

I met up with Leo in Leiden. We did an ME-friendly pub crawl (meaning we never got any further than the second café ;-) ). First Café De Burcht. Then, after a quick look at the view from atop the keep, we went to Olivier. Bram joined us there for more drinks and dinner.

I met up with Maarten and Mark for a visit to the Gemeentemuseum. We saw several exhibitions and had a lot of fun.

Maarten, J, Bram and I met up at Maartens place to see Gravity and Interstellar. I liked Interstellar better.

Bram and Bob came over for dinner. I cooked a few simple Indian dishes. Having people over is always the best kick in the butt to put your living space in order ;-)

I attended a study meeting on art history for 'Cultuurwetenschappelijke vaardigheden 2'. A larger group this time around. Interesting and enjoyable.

I visited JK for the weekend. We went to see the historical white village of Thorn and visited the Binnenvaartmuseum in Maasbracht.

When I was still in Limburg with JK, Bram and I started, jokingly at first, to text back and forth about me joining a group weekend that he was attending in Berg en Dal. I ended up actually going there; there was plenty of space because many people leave on Sunday evening during these weekends. The accomodation, Maikenshof, has some cool features and a forest across the road. We played games, enjoyed the small swimming pool, played a clumsy game of table tennis and had a short walk trough the forest with Inge before heading back west.

Photo taken by Inge

Photo taken by Inge

Photo taken by Inge

Photo taken by Inge

I caught up with Roeland and poes Poes during dinner at Roel's place.

Drinks with Maarten.

Lots of prepping for parties and our upcoming trip to Vienna.

Bram and I kept up with Doctor Who. I still don't get the sandman episode.
We also saw a few episodes of Sherlock.

I visited Rob at his new place. He cooked for me, and then overfed me with a huge portion of icecream.

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Hoi, Ik begin me een beetje zorgen te maken. Ik weet dat ik langzamerhand wat ouder word en mijn geheugen niet meer is wat het geweest is, maar ik kan me absoluut niet herinneren dat ik ooit een filmmarathon heb georganiseerd...... Groetjes van je oude vader.

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