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Poes Poes

I've mentioned her before, but it's past time for me to properly introduce my furry friend. I used to live with her and Roeland for a while, although not full time. I miss having her around! Roeland is going on a lot of trips these days, which means I get to catsit and catch up on kitty cuddles.

Poes is about 4,5 years old now. Her first human had to go to a nursing home and couldn't bring her along. A neighbour took her in, but couldn't take proper care of her. And then she came to live with Roeland. She was very scared at first, and took her time settling in. She's doing much better now, although she's still jumpy and shy with visitors at times.

I first met her in early 2012 when Roeland and I became friends. In those days we usually met up for dinner at his place, then attended a lecture and afterwards went back to his apartment for an hour of talking, drinking and playing with Poes. He has this whole array of bamboo sticks with bits of ropes with toys dangling from them. She was young and very playful so he had to work hard to get her exhausted enough to let him sleep at night.

One of her favorite toys: a caterpillar I got her once.

It took 3,5 months before she trusted me enough to come sit on my lap. Later, when Roeland and I became romantically involved, it took time for her to get used to me being around that much. Later I got fully accepted as her human #2. Sometimes even human #1, Roeland would add; he gets a bit jealous when she chooses my lap over his or when she lets me pick her up like a baby ;-) I love how the two of them interact. She often chose to share my side of the bed (or rather: she let me share her side of it ;-) ), but I think that's mostly because I've been properly raised by my earlier cat-friends to make space and be careful when I move in my sleep. Apart from my busy days with activities outside the house, I still need to make sure to get a day of rest every now and then. I often used to spend those days hanging out on the bed, with a study book and the laptop. Poes usually settled for a spot on my legs. That's how we used to spend our time when Roeland was off to work. She can be very clingy.

Poes is a little less energetic now that she's matured, but of course Roel still makes sure to get in some daily play time. At some point I brought along Maartens laser light pen. She loves it. It was brilliant to see her run around like crazy trying to catch it. That got her exhausted in a matter of minutes. She's gotten smarter about saving her energy, but still loves hunting for the little red dot. Of course it's important to use other toys as well, so she can experience the satisfaction of actually catching her 'prey'.

She's a sucker for chicken; when you say 'kip!' (chicken) she's all ears. She also knows the word 'lasertje'. She had a name once, before she came to live with Roeland, but Roeland decided it was childish to name a cat and just called her poes Poes (puss Puss). If he ever gets to live with two cats at once, or an outdoor cat, he'll see the practicality of naming a cat. I sometimes call her Kip Lasertje, to which she promptly responds.

Apart from early in the morning, she usually doesn't like to cuddle or to be petted, although it's growing on her. She likes to sit on your lap, but when you try to pet her, she'll often rebuke you. She likes to crawl into your cardigan or under the blankets when she's cold. She has a mind of her own, as it should be, with a cat.

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