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In September...

I spent a weekend and a week in Leiden, taking care of poes Poes while Roeland was out of town. I love the peace and quiet in his corner of the city center. I love to just walk out the door and be surrounded by historical buildings. I love how easy it is when I'm staying there to meet up with Bram and others. I visited neighbour R who showed me photo's and I had drinks with Annelies. And I love poes Poes, of course!

Bram and I saw 'Brave' and 'A picture of Dorian Gray' together.

Roeland, Bob and I attended the first lecture of a series on 'The unfinished enlightenment' by Herman Philipse. And I attended a later lecture in the same series with Roeland and Bram, about enlightenment and religion.

Maarten, J, Frank, Bob, Annelies and I attended a lecture on fiction-based religions, like jediism and religions based on Tolkien's mythology for Middle Earth. Interesting and entertaining. Drinks afterwards.

Ice cream with Bram at Luciano in Zoetermeer. I hadn't tried their ice cream before and it was good! I had pear sorbet and extra dark chocolate.

Drinks with Frank at The Old Pal in Zoetermeer. Annelies joined us for dinner at Clooney's (good food but be careful: Annelies and I specified some simple diet wishes and they weren't met. The staff was very busy, but still...).

Bram and I visited a couple of places in Leiden during Open Monument Weekend.

Phoenix game day in Leiden with Bram, Bob, L and a lot of other people, most of whom I hadn't met before. We played Spyfall, Hanzesteden and Trans Europa.

I spent the Sunday of Open Monument Weekend in Haarlem with Bram and Bob.

I studied expressionismin for my exam in October, and worked on a writing assignment.

Bram and I visited the 'Boekenfestijn' in Utrecht. We scored some discounted books and craft supplies, part of them gifts.

A new season of Doctor Who has started! Maarten and I came over to Bram's place and the three of us had dinner and saw the first episode together.

I enjoyed playing with my art supplies.

A few dinners with Maarten at his place.

I caught up selecting photo's to have printed. I was way behind, so I'm glad I got that done! When I went to pick them up, the people behind the counter were a bit surprised about the amount; I hadn't had any photo's printed for about a year...

I attended the Kunstroute (Art route) in Leiden with Bram and Roeland. Amongst other things we saw works of Abcarius Art that were shown as part of the Art en ziel project, we visited the studio of master of detail Johan Scherft and saw an exhibition with work of Anne van Marum. If you happen to be in Leiden this weekend, you can still see (and buy!) Anne's work and ask her about it at Sijthoff.

Bram and I visited the Ru´ne van Brederode.

Bram and I joined a group of people for a visit to the Efteling. Catchy musical tunes on repeat, magic, fairytales and a fast rollercoaster...

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