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In July...

(photo taken by Bram)

July started with a heath wave. It was pretty intense.

Leo and I celebrated my 33 1/2th birthday. He had promised to take me out for dinner as a birthday present, but we never got around to it until July 1st, which, we realised during dinner, is my 33 1/2th birthday. We had tapas, and the restaurant actually had lots of Thinkie-friendly dishes. The food was delicious, having several rounds of tapas was a nice experience and it was good to catch up with Leo.

(photo taken by Leo)

I went on a group trip with Bram, Maarten and about 30 others. Some friends, some people that I had met before but didn't know very well yet, and new-to-me people. We stayed at a group accommodation in Bakkeveen, Friesland. We had a blast, making new friends, getting thrown in the kiddies pool with our clothes on (oh, wait, that was just me. Twice.), enjoying or suffering the heath both night and day, visiting the prison museum in Veenhuizen and just hanging out in nice company. On our way there Maarten, Bram and I visited the Batavia in Lelystad.

Annelies, Frank, Maarten, Bob, G, L and I visited the Efteling. I rode Joris & de draeck, Vogel Rok and the pirate ship amongst other rides but what hit me hardest was waiting in line for Joris. Darned orthostatic intolerance! We had a fun day with good weather overall.

A walk in the park; Cronesteyn.

Bram and I saw 'Frozen' together. He's trying to turn me into a disney fan and brought me a pair of Minnie Mouse ears from his trip to disneyland. And did I mention the glass with princesses and glitter and a long, pink straw? ;-)

(photo taken by Bram)

Roeland and I visited Museum Catharijneconvent, to see the exhibition The secret of the Middle Ages.

Bram enjoys bow shooting and let me tag along one morning. I thought I would just be an onlooker and maybe give it a try myself with a few arrows, but before I knew it they dug op the lightest bow they could find and I was shooting away happily for over an hour. I really enjoyed it and my muscles were good sports and didn't hurt much, but I think that's partly due to the perfect weather.

(photo taken by Bram)

I attended Werfpop, a free music festival in Leiden. First, I was joined by Roeland and our former neighbour M., but they didn't stay long. Then Bram joined me. We listened to a couple of bands and enjoyed a 'spoken'-event, where rap and poetry met. A nice experience. The festival grounds were not really suitable to hold such an amount of people, so we only stayed for a couple of hours.

A walk in another park, this time around Oud Poelgeest.

Ikea with Wilma. I just can't resist those Swedish meat balls!

I spent a weekend over at J's. we took a day trip to Luik, where we did some geocaching and climbed to the citadel. On Sunday we went geocaching near Roermond.

Bram and I visited Museum Boerhaave, where we saw several exhibitions. I just love the design of their exhibitions!

Wilma (and Fred!) worked hard to get the final touches in my new room done. I spent a lot of time packing my stuff in Maartens flat and unpacking it in my room, after Wilma had hauled it there in her car. It's slowly starting to feel like my own space.

We're (or rather: w+f are ;-) ) still working on boosting the internet reception. Sitting on the ground at the top of the stairs helps a little, but it's not exactly a permanent solution ;-)

When most of my stuff was in place, I held a little bbq on my roof terrace to celebrate, with Maarten, Bram, Frank and Annelies.

I studied historiography, for my exam in August.

Bram and I visited Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar. Later in the afternoon, Rob joined us for a walk around Alkmaar. We had drinks and accompanied Rob to his new place in Heiloo, where he cooked for us.

The last day of the month was the first day of Castlefest! I had a passe-partout this time and spent that first day with Bram. We had a great day, enjoying the music and atmosphere.

Cuddling with a friend of mine (photo taken by Bram)

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