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In June...

I spent a lot of time studying for my exams on Argumentation and Cultural history of Antiquity. I had asked permission to take the exams on a computer because during my exam in April I have found that writing that much has become too much of a problem due to my fibromyalgia. It just hurts, which is distracting, and my hands hurt for days afterwards. I got stuck between rules and regulations with the required documents, it was quite stressful, but the people involved did try to help. A couple of weeks before the exams I got the word that permission had been granted, yay! It might take up to six weeks before I get the results...

Greek dinner with Bram, outside on a sunny day.

Bram, Bob and I had dinner with a group of people in Almere and then attended a night of 'Celt'n'Folk' at Poppodium De Meester. We enjoyed Sowulo, Tipsy Gipsy, Rastaban, Robert den Hartigh and Cesair.

Maarten, Bram, Annelies and I saw the rest of the Harry Potter movies during two more film marathons. Magical :-) Breaks outside, laying in the grass. Nice dinners (thanks Annelies!). And we're starting to get the hang of somewhat healthier yet delicious snacks and desserts :-)

I got a cold. What is it with me and colds right before exams?! Fortunately, I was able to keep studying, although not as much as I needed. I had to skip roleplaying, and therefor the end of our adventure and the introduction to the new one.

I started thinking about new costumes for the fantasy fairs. Something more elaborate when it comes to gothic (I have a gothic dress but eye make-up and doing something more interesting with my hair might spruce it up a little). And maybe a wood elf? I've made pinterest boards for inspiration (for the wood elf and for a gothic costume) and experimented a little with what is hanging in my closet:

After my exams I moved to Wilma and Fred's place. My room isn't quite ready and we'll be bringing some of my things in over the next few weeks, but it will be nice to have a space of my own and live in one place again.

Packing my stuff in Leiden.

Moving means seeing a lot less of my friends Roeland and poes Poes. But I'll be visiting them regularly.

Moving also means sharing a house with Wilma, Fred, bunny Ilse, cat Luka and, pictured above, Mala. Who appearently likes to keep me company when I'm eating or cooking.

Drinks with Maarten, Fran and Bram in Leiden.

Bram, as he put it 'wanted to put my walking abilities to the test' ;-) And that's just what we did. We walked the NS Meijendel-route, 12km. It was a bit too much for my ME-body after two intense weeks of studying on too little sleep, but man, what a nice day we had!

When I wasn't even properly settled into my new room, JK came over for the weekend. I've stayed at his place a couple of times over the past year and it's nice to be able to have friends stay over at my place now, especially when we have late night plans or when they live further away so visiting for just a day is a hassle.

While JK was staying with me, Maarten, Frank, Annelies and Bram came over for a barbecue. Wilma and Fred joined as well. Since I wasn't properly settled upstairs, we used W+F's back yard in stead of my roof terrace.

Bob, Guido, JK and I attended Parkpop. I had never been there before and had quite a nice day. The music was all right, except for Frans Bauer's which is anything but my cup of tea.

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