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In April...

I spent the beginning of the month in bed with a cold.

I had easter breakfast with Roeland and Poes.

I had easter breakfast with Maarten.

I had ice cream with Bram.

I had 'AED' (as Wilma called it): After Easter Dinner, with Wilma, Fred and Maarten.

Wilma got us some easter candy as a present. Maarten's bunny made me think of the cute bunnies in Wallace & Gromit and the curse of the were-rabbit.

I studied literature studies and took the exam. It felt like a close call but I was surprised to actually get an 8 out of 10. I started working on Argumentation theory and Project management.

I had ice cream wit Guido (I'm coming to realize that having friends is a serious health risk when bonding is often done over ice cream, hot chocolate or other unhealthy things ;-) )

I attended the monthly film night. We started with dinner at the Filmhuis restaurant. I had parsnip-pear soup, an interesting combination, followed by a salad with yam and goat cheese. The film options were limited and not appealing, so I just joined the others in seeing 'Mange tes morts', about some violent gypsies driving around and getting into trouble. Weird stuff.

I'm trying to incorporate more walking now that better weather makes it easier. Need to compensate for all the chocolate and such. Had some nice walks with several people. Which often involve more ice cream or hot chocolate... ;-)

Hot chocolate with Bram after a walk around town.

Wilma and I paid a visit to Ikea. I had been craving Swedish meat balls for a while and I needed some stuff for my new room at Wilma and Fred's place. Roeland and I have broken up, so I'm moving back to their place. They've allotted me the top floor, with one room for living and sleeping, my own bathroom and a roof terrace. I'll have to use the kitchen downstairs (but it has a dishwasher!). For now, I'm moving back and forth between Maarten's place and Roeland's place (still good friends with both of them) as I have done for quite a while now, while Wilma is working on getting my room ready.

Love those balls!

J. hosted a Firefly marathon at her place in Rijswijk. Bram, Maarten and E also joined the fun. I had never heard of this series before, it's a space western. The trailer mostly showcases the drama and action, but it's actually fun with a lot of jokes. Bram and I had to catch a train so we couldn't stay for the movie that follows the series, Serenity, so we saw it the next week. I liked the series better. The marathon day was sunny, so we took a break for an afternoon walk.

Maarten, Annelies, Bram and I saw Lord of the Rings: the return of the king, and had dinner together.

Roeland and I visited the Frick-exhibition at the Mauritshuis. Small but some good quality pieces. One of them being painted by Jan van Eyck (and perhaps others from his workshop)!

Poes Poes enjoying the sunshine.

Bram and I visited the Carthage-exhibition at the RMO. Nice.

I attended a seminar on 'Geaarde kunst' ('natured art', as opposed to degenerate art according to the nazis): the art the National Socialist government of the Netherlands during WW2 approved of and bought, at Museum Arnhem. Intesting, and it was fun to hang out with some fellow students and the teacher.

What's a girl to do when she drops her zucchini and it almost breaks in two? Draw eyes on it off course! Meet Zach, the talking zucchini!

I spent two days enjoying fantasy fair Elfia at Haarzuilens; one day with Bram and one with Annelies, Guido, Bob, L and E.

I attended an evening of roleplaying. We fought two earth elementals and an air elemental and there's some nasty business with dragons wanting to rule the world that we'll have to sort out in a couple of weeks. Not sure if everyone in the company has my back, though... Although there's a flirting dwarf that would sure like some other parts of my character's body...

I forgot my character sheets, but fortunately Guido had taken a photo of them at some point and I still had them in dropbox so I could print them out and play along anyway.

I met up with two fellow students that I hadn't seen in quite a while at the Gemeentemuseum. We chatted and saw the exhibition 'Holland op z'n mooist' (Beautiful Holland) about the Haagse School (The Hague School).

Pear juice and white chocolate-pear pastry at the Gemeentemuseum.

We celebrated Wilma's birthday with Greek take-away.

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