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In February...

F. and I visited the National Museum of Antiquities. It was way too busy in the temporary exhibition on a sunday, so we opted for the quieter company of Greek, Near East and Roman objects. We shared drinks, apple cake and good conversation at a café, had a kebab-dinner and spent some time wandering around town.

I wrote a blogpost and an exhibition analysis about the topics of the seminar on difficult heritage in museums. I started Literature studies and Expressionism.

We had some days that felt like spring, despite the chill in the air. Bram and I spent one such afternoon visiting Cronesteyn park. Lots of bird watching. And hot chocolate and some chocolate pie at 'De tuin van de smid', a nice hang-out at the park.

I enjoyed a meal and an evening of Role Playing Game with Guido and F.. It was the first time F. joined in, and having another character besides my own made it even more fun.

Several visits with Maarten and Bram as usual, and a visit with my grandparents.

I joined Roeland, M and B for part of their museum tour of The Hague. We had drinks and pastry at a konditorei and visited Museum Bredius. The original plan was to visit the Mauritshuis, but the queue was too long to our liking.

I read Dave Eggers' 'The circle', made progress in Foer's 'Moonwalking with Einstein' and read 'Game of Thrones' book 4.

Roeland celebrated his birthday by inviting some people over. I enjoyed the company and baked cakes that we ate hot out of the oven.

I attended the monthly film night in The Hague. It was arthouse cinema-month. We had dinner at the cinema's restaurant (a nice mix of friends, acquaintances and new-to-me people) and saw 'Il capitale umano', which was kinda okay.

Roeland, Maarten and I helped Jannet move her stuff to her new apartment. She was looking forward to this move for a long time and I'm so happy for her!

Annelies, Bram, Maarten and I had a film marathon with Lord of the Rings part 1 and 2. I know, only two of the movies (albeit the extended versions), we're weak like that ;-) However much we enjoyed watching and doting over elves and long-haired men, the weather was too good to resist going on an afternoon walk in between movies. Bram cooked us kale for dinner and we totally over-ate on the snacks (or was it just me?).

Drinks with Fran at Anne&Max. Love me a taste of some good fabric softener! ;-)

okay, so we opted out of the fabric softener and went for our signature drinks ;-)

Proud of this guy for getting his bachelor's degree in Dutch Law! (Yep, it's official now!)

Dinner with F. to pick up his housekeys. He was kind enough to let me stay in his apartment in Zoetermeer for a week while he went on holiday. I enjoyed being on my own for a while, with a bath and some great views! Just what I needed!

Bram, Annelies and I enjoyed a concert at Qbus in Leiden. We saw two bands that are part of the fantasy fair scene; Cesair and The Moon and the Night Spirit. We had a lovely evening, which ended in a kebab/snackbar. I blame Annelies ;-)

I joined Bram, Guido and some friends of their's (some of whom I already knew) for an evening of role playing game. A fainting halfling, an over-enthusiastic fairy, an elf with healing powers, a barbarian that likes nothing more than a good fight, a dangerous magical chrystal, an encounter with a giant ant, some surpise lambs and in the end, a couple of dragons... Yup, my kind of thing ;-)

I finally visited the Mauritshuis that has reopened last summer. I only saw the permanent collection, didn't have the patience for the long line to go see the Frick collection. Still planning on having a date with the Van Eyck in the exhibition, off course, but I'll save that for an early morning outside of school holidays... I took a tram to the Gemeentemuseum to go see Rothko before that exhibition ended, but they had a line going on outside and I would have counted myself lucky if the wait would have been under an hour. Alas, no Rothko for me. I took the next tram back to the city center and visited the two new bookstores I had spotted; Van Stockum at their new location and the new Paagman. Nice and spacious, comfy chairs for reading and a café. I liked them both, but the athmosphere and their assortment of books makes me like Van Stockum best. I also popped into the American Book Center. I managed to control myself and didn't buy anything (or well; just a postcard...), but I did write down a couple of books for my wish list.

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