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In January...

I started the month in Maartens guestroom, still feeling ill from a cold on my birthday. Wilma came by to drop off some presents (cream puffs, yum!). Fran came by to pick something up. Maarten and I did a little celebrating with Doctor Who. We made cheesecake but were too full from the cream puffs to eat it, so we saved it for the next day.

Wilma made me a birthday card

I visited my grandparents to celebrate my grandpa's 87th birthday. Afterwards, Danja and I curled up on Maartens couch and watched 'Elizabethtown'. More cream puffs and a pizza were involved.

I spent an evening with Roeland and his friend J. I cooked a simple Indian dinner.

Jannet brought me a pretty candle holder in cookiemonster blue as a birthday gift, as well as shoving a bar of rolo chocolate in the letterbox. She's a good letterbox-filler, that one!

I attended the monthly film night in The Hague. Bas, Kimberly, A and I had dinner at BIT (tasted awesome but they were skimpish on the french fries). As a birthday present, Bas treated me to a big shared plate of... cream puffs. With chocolate. I see a new trend here... Bas, A and I went to see 'The imitation game', which was all right.

Don't worry; they usually serve the burgers with bread, but I opted out of that

Maarten and I attended 'Park light'; a side event of the Amsterdam Light Festival at Park Frankendael. It was raining, my wet feet sloshed in my shoes, and the art wasn't really all that interesting, but we had a nice evening anyway. afterwards we had a swirl-ice cream and kebab.

I celebrated my birthday somewhat belatedly at Café De Burcht. Loved having all these friends, acquaintances and family members around; Roeland, Maarten, Bram, Wilma, Frank, Nicolette, Danja, Annelies, Guido, Jannet, Rob and others. We hung out at the café for hours. Afterwards, F and Guido took me out to dinner at a Greek restaurant (Delphi on the Nieuwe Rijn). Loved the food! Oh, and there were presents, too, even though I had asked people to pay for their own drinks as a present. I haven't asked consent for placing photo's of all my guests, so I can only show you a couple of photo's.

I forgot to include a scented candle R gave me. (Please don't take that as inspiration to get me scented candles or scented anything; I appreciated the gesture but I'm overly sensitive to such smells; they make me feel ill.)

More Doctor Who with Maarten. We 'caught up', so now we have to wait untill the next series...

Dinner with Roeland, J and S. We had a nice evening!

Bram and I hung out on a Thursday. He'd bought pieces of cake as a belated birthday present (yum!) and we saw 'Wallace & Gromit and the curse of the ware rabbit' and 'Enders game', with dinner inbetween.

After my cold was over, I studied very hard for an exam on Greek and Roman Antiquity, but didn't manage to learn enough to dare take the exam. Bummer, because my next chance for this exam isn't untill June...

I attended a new years reception at the former KIT in Amsterdam with Bram, Annelies and Maarten, and met up with other friends and acquaintances. We attended lectures, about plastic waste and about what type of animal we are in an organization (appearently, I'm a lion. Roar!). There were drinks and new years wishes. Afterwards, the four of us headed back to Leiden and had dinner at 'India way', a tandoori restaurant that had been on my wishlist to visit for a very long time. We had a lovely dinner and came away with very full bellies.

I attended two days of an Open University seminar on difficult heritage in museums. Loved it! There were lectures and we visited Museum Vrolik and the Nieuwe Kerk.

Roeland and I went to Heerlen, where he had to act as a lawyer to get his bachelor's degree in Dutch Law. He passed. His last exam also went well so hopefully... There were lots of students and the organization had made a whole day out of it, with vlaai (the regional pastry over there) and a good lunch. Someone even arranged a seperate room for me so I could study for my exam for a couple of hours until Roel's turn was up. We also got a tour of Open University's campus (which we as distant learners usually don't get to see).

They even got to dress up for the part :-)

The warehouse with study books.

More hanging out with Bram. We visited the Sieboldhuis museum. He had gotten us some moorkoppen (large cream puffs with chocolate glazing). Yup, definitely a trend... (let's not talk about what this very enjoyable trend is doing to my relationship with the scale, all right?! ;-) )

I ended the month with a couple of days in Ghent, visiting the light festival with Maarten. I so love this city! We were very happy that they brought back the light festival after skipping a couple of years. And off course there were some museum visits to make, Van Eycks to worship and hot chocolate to drink.

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