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In December...

If you've wondered why I went from infrequent blogging to no blogging at all: I had some trouble with a new version of my FTP-program, but I finally got it working again, yay! So here's a recap of what I did in December!

Maarten and I watched Heroes and Doctor Who.

Jannet played for Sinterklaas. I got a bar(!) of Rolo chocolate and a plate and bowl with Cookie Monster on them! :-)

The rolo-bar didn't make it onto the photo ;-)

Dinner with Roeland and R, lots of talking about photo cameras.

I attended a lecture by Caroline DrieŽnhuizen at Spui25 in Amsterdam. She spoke about colonial heritage-objects. A nice warming up for a seminar that I would be attending in January.

Guido and I spent half an afternoon staring at Greek vases and burial monuments at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden. Afterwards, we had dinner with Roeland and exchanged Sinterklaaspresents. I got a moose hat, cool!

I celebrated Sinterklaas with Wilma, Fred and Maarten.

I visited the Midwinterfair in Archeon with Wilma and Maarten. Bram, Annelies and Bob were there too.

R and I went to see the opening of an exhibition at Ars Aemulae Natura: 'Kunst en wetenschap' (art and science). An acquaintance of ours, artist Johan Scherft, participated in the exhibition. His 'gewone gorgel' was my favorite object in the exhibition. I want one as a pet!

Bram and I visited back and forth and went out for hot chocolate. He gave me some sinterklaas presents.

I attended the Salon de Museologie. It was about museum inspiration from abroad.

Maarten and I spent two evenings in Amsterdam to see the Amsterdam Light Festival. We did a boat tour and a lot of walking.

Annelies gave me this box of chocolat cigarettes that now have a more politically correct name on one of the days I went to Amsterdam :-)

I visited the James Bond exhibition at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam with a group of friends and acquaintances.

I attended christmas dinner at Meermanno. The food was cooked by co-workers (I just brought my own stuff to make things easy, with all my food intolerances, but got to sample some soup and a piece of pie). We all got two books, and many of us had brought one or more of our own books that we were ready to let go of to serve as extra presents. We ate in the attic, which was decorated for the occasion.

Roeland and I had dinner with P&M and their 3y/o daughter. Hadn't seen them in a while, it was nice to catch up!

I got the coolest farewell gift from my collegues at the magazine: my very own full colour edition with lots of kind farewell messages!

Roeland and I went to see Mr. Turner. He liked it, but I thought the painter was (presented as) too much of a caricature.

F hosted a Monty Python marathon at his place. B attended as well, as did a co-worker of F for part of the day. Lots of laughter and some good conversation.

Bram, Maarten, Annelies and I spent a day watching hobbitses (the 1st and 2nd movie) and having christmas dinner. Tolkien, good food and great company! We never got to dessert #4: we were stuffed!

A couple days later the four of us had dinner at Maarten's place (I cooked a few simple Indian dishes) and went to the cinema to see Hobbit movie #3.

On christmas day I had dinner with Wilma, Fred and Roeland @ W+F's.

On boxing day there were plans for dinner with friends of Roeland's, but the host got ill. I joined Wilma, Fred, Maarten and my uncle and his family for another dinner @ W+F's.

The weekend after christmas I visited J in the province of Limburg. There was snow, which is always deadly to the train services, so I arrived a couple hours late. We had dinner and hung out on Saturday. On Sunday we visited Maaseik. On my way home I stopped at 's-Hertogenbosch to have a drink with my favorite polar bear. Hot chocolate off course!

During the weekend I had fallen ill with a cold. I ended the year recovering in Maartens comfy and relatively quiet guest room. I watched some episodes of Fringe and the movie 'Adam'.

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