Hi, my name is Thinkie, welcome to my blog!
I'm a student in cultural studies, a museum enthusiast, a scrapbooker and an art journaler. I love to travel within Europe and I enjoy photography. You can read more about me on my homepage.


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I live, I love, I create, I capture, I learn, I enjoy.


Eating too much chocolate. I blame it on the season.

Waiting for a new e-reader to materialize out of thin air. I had just started Game of Thrones book 4 (a guilty pleasure) when Roeland killed the e-reader.

Feeling cold, even though winter has mostly been relatively mild so far.

Looking at lights: christmas lights and the light art of the Amsterdam light Festival.

Watching Game of Thrones with Roeland and Heroes and Doctor Who with Maarten.

Having a cold. Some christmas presents take a while to fully manifest... I'm coughing and nose-blowing my way trough it in Maarten's guest room.

Making people smile with my new moose hat.

Trying to imitate the sound of a moose to go with my hat. I need a lot of booze and cigarettes before I stand a chance to come anywhere near it. Or maybe my coughing will do the trick.

Listening to Mumford & Sons - Babel.

Chatting on facebook. From making stupid jokes and researching moose mating sounds together, to deep, heartfelt conversations about the serious stuff of life. I could say a lot of negative stuff about facebook, but I'm sure glad it's there to help me keep in touch with people.

Sucking on candy to calm my stomach and throat. I had no idea that there was a tropical variety of Napoleon candy.

Sorting trough my recent photo's to choose which to have printed and which to show on my blog. Always nice to relive the good stuff of the past months.

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