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In October...

I visited my grandparents.

Roeland and I checked out the Taptoe in Leiden for a short while. Not my cup of tea, but I can appreciate the amount of practice that goes into such a performance.

Roeland and I visited Amsterdam, just in time for me to see the Calder exhibition in the gardens of the Rijksmuseum. I like Calder. His work makes me happy. As did having an icecream and a half on Museumplein.

I suffered from a cold for over a week, so I hung out in bed with my study book on ethics. I also worked on a writing assignment and did work for Lees ME ('my' magazine).

I spent evenings with Maarten watching Heroes, with Roeland watching Game of Thrones and with Bram checking out brochures from the museums he had visited during his vacation.

Years ago, Maarten and I promised Danja a trip to Barcelona for her 16th birthday. She turned 16 last summer and so she and I spent part of her fall break there. We saw lots of highlights, city panoramas, the sea and even a few museums, and had a great time together.

Danja and I stayed the night before our trip at Wilma and Fred's, for practical reasons. Luka helped me pack our suitcase.

Monthly drinks-meet in Leiden. Mostly talked to Guido.

I was asked to think about a couple of lectures I could give. The topics are up to me, anything within the cultural field that might appeal to the intended audience. Bram and I had a nice walk trough Leiden brainstorming about it and having ice cream. Got me further in thinking about the type of topic I could cover and some ideas on how to give a lecture, but I'm still not sure about specific topics. Any ideas?

Guido had prepared a role playing game-adventure for me, we had a fun evening online using Roll20. There's snow and at least one giant bird of prey... To be continued!

Go on, tickle my belly! I dare you!

I had quite a busy end of October, meeting up with lots of friends I hadn't seen in a while. And having waaaay to much yummyness with sugar in it.

B. and I had lunch at La Place in Leiden. Yes, I consider a green smoothie and a pear-chocolate tart lunch ;-) It was nice catching up and we brainstormed about how I can find a job.

Dinner with F. and Roeland, and a walk around the center of Leiden with F., and another find-a-job-and-reach-my-goals brainstorm. Yay for all these friends lending me their brains and insights in such a way!

G. and I went to see the bird-exhibition at Museum Meermanno. I hadn't found time to see it before, and G. and I hadn't seen each other in months, so it was nice to combine the two. Afterwards, we had hot chocolate and cake at Hooistraat, a nice little place near Meermanno.

L. and I went for an autumn walk near Amersfoort. We got a little lost and ended up walking over 10km, yikes! But the fall leaves, the mushrooms, the weather and the company were worth it. A nice brownie at the very first café we stumbled upon after re-entering Amersfoort helped too, as did dinner at L's place.

J. came to spent a fourthnight in Maarten's appartment while Maarten was on vacation. I showed him around the old part of Zoetermeer, we had a quick drink at my grandparents' and we crawled under a bridge to find a geo cache (with succes, and with spiderwebs in my hair). I stayed over for one night.

Two days later I showed J. around the city center of Leiden. Later that day we had dinner with Roeland.

Lunch at La Place

The next day I worked at Meermanno (long-term project almost finished!) and J. came to visit the museum. Afterwards we had drinks and something sweet at Hooistraat (seeing a pattern here? ;-) Who's up this week?). We ended the afternoon looking for a hard-to-find geocache. We got help from another geocacher. It was getting dark. A small group of teenagers was hanging out nearby. One of them came to ask if we needed a light from her mobile phone, since she had noticed that we were looking for something. So nice of her! We did find the cache, yay!

J. knows how to make a Think happy ;-)

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