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In August...

I started the month with a weekend at fantasy event Castlefest. On saturday I went with a whole group of friends and acquaintances, on sunday I went with Wilma, Danja and Bram. It was hot and sunny and we mostly hung out in the grass, listening to bands.

Maarten, Rob, J. and I met up in 's-Hertogenbosch for a boat trip to Heusden. A nice, sunny day with friends!

I visited Guido. We cooked together at his place and had a fun evening hanging out together. Yay for new friends!

Thanks to some really good discounts, Roeland and I got to spend two days in the north of France. We visited Lille and the new Louvre branch in Lens.

I cooked Maarten a pre-birthday dinner.

I attended the monthly film night, this time at the arthouse cinema. A walk around town with Guido, a nice dinner followed by the movie 'Bird People', which was ok with kind of a weird twist.

Bram and I like to stroll along the streets and canals of Leiden, catching up and catching some fresh air (and some icecream in early august). During the El Cid-week (the week the freshman students of Leiden are introduced to student life) we went to get a cup of hot chocolate at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden during our walk and found ourselves in the middle of a (free) classical concert by a student orchestra (Collegium Musicum). Nice!

Kimberly treated my to a couple of days in Madrid. She had to go pick up her new puppy there and didn't feel like going alone. Nice time, nice company, nice city, nice museums!

I attended the fireworks at Scheveningen with Bram, Guido and F.. I've seen better fireworks, but we had a nice evening + restaurant dinner.

Wilma keeps bugging me for empty glass jars for her current jam-making frenzie. Thanks to her, I have pretty much become the crazy girl digging trough her friend's trash for empty jars. Thank you Bram, glad you survived eating the jam Wilma sent in return...
I tasted some of her jam myself and it wasn't bad, which is something considering I usually dislike blackberry jam.

I've been growing basil, and used it to make my own pesto for a dinner with Roeland and former neighbour M.. Recipe in Dutch. After dinner we played rummikub and won one round each (NOW I get why it's not Roeland's favorite game: he doesn't always win! Got him to play another two rounds later in the month which verified it ;-) ).

Maarten and I saw the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who. Timetravelling dinosaurs, quips, pretty girls, 19th century London and the drone of Frankenstein.

I attended the opening of the new Meermanno-exhibition about birds. I have yet to see the exhibition itself, but the opening was nice, with Ivo de Wijs, our curator Erik Geleijns and a few other speakers and a short concert by Ellen ten Damme and her magpie. Click here to listen to a radio show with recordings of the opening.
Maarten was in the neighbourhood and came over for a cup of water in the museum's garden afterwards.

Birds on the pavement showed the route from the KB-building to Museum Meermanno on opening day.

Bram and I visited the Lakenhal to see the exhibition on Gerrit Dou just in time before it ended. Worth while!

Maarten and I spent a day exploring Naarden, a good example of a fortified town. We spent most of that time at the Vestingmuseum, and did a boat trip around part of the town.

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