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In July...

I had dinner with Roeland and two of his friends. I made spinach pie and a salad. Afterwards we went to a lecture at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (National Museum of Antiquities).

I spent some time with Lap, who stayed in Zoetermeer while her people went on holiday.

I baked chocolate bread. I put too much cocoa in it. It was pretty good with chocolate paste though!

I (wo)manned a Museum Meermanno-stand at the Dordtse Boekenmarkt (Dordrecht Book Market) with A.. We sold some books and postcards and told a lot of people about our museum.

I got my very own tiny radish. Learning a lot about gardening in pots these days.

I had dinner at A Roma restaurant in Den Haag with Maarten, Bram and other nice people. Afterwards most of us went to see 'How to train your dragon 2'. My expectations had been low, so the movie exceeded them: a 6.

I spent an afternoon in Leiden with L.. We hadn't seen each other since last fall so it was nice to catch up. Since I had broken my little toe we didn't do much walking. We first hung out at the roof terrace of La Place above V&D (which offers a nice view over part of the city), and then sat in the sun at the terrace of Café De Bruine Boon, where Maarten joined us for a while.

Maarten and I saw 'Un long dimanche de fiancailles' on dvd. Not as good as Amélie, but we did like it.

I went to see M. and other students of the Paul van Vliet Academie perform at the Zeeheldentheater. So cool to see them working to make their dream come true!

J. and I visited the Thermenmuseum in Heerlen: a museum on Roman times in that region, centered around the remains of a Roman bathhouse.

I attended the last part of the James Bond marathon with friends and acquaintances. Another fun day, but I'm glad we'll be picking other movies again for future marathons ;-)

A new exhibition was opened at Museum Meermanno, on ex-libris. It ends at August 17, so come see it quickly!

I was studying ethics and liked it. Especially that time when I had a couple of hours between work and my next appointment and I brought my book to the beach!

I had an interview at a bureau that hires out personnel to cultural institutions. They're going to try and find a payed placement for me! Fingers crossed!

Bram, G., F. and I had a great day sailing at the Kagerplassen.

Maarten and I went to see Den Haag Sculptuur (The Hague Sculpture), including the exhibition at Museum Beelden aan Zee.

I visited Museum Twentse Welle.

Roeland beat me at Scrabble. Twice.

I visited the exhibition 'De Gouden Middeleeuwen' (The Golden Middle Ages) at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (National Museum of Antiquities) with Wilma.

Jannet came over for dinner. She let me try her violin, and the cat didn't even panic!

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