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In June...

The skyline of The Hague seen from the bus from Zoetermeer to Leiden.

Maarten and I had drinks with Frank and Danja in Zwolle and visited Kasteel het Nijenhuis in Heino, part of Museum De Fundatie. This was one of the visits we paid to family members in late May and early June to spread the news about our upcoming divorce. We're doing all right, considering the circumstances, and we're still good friends.

We published a special issue of Lees ME, about how to cope with the mental and social consequences of falling ill with the biomedical disease ME. It's in Dutch, you can order it trough contact@me-cvsvereniging.nl (7,50 incl. postage within the Netherlands).

I studied for my exam about the history of collections and museums. I'm a bit bummed I only managed to get a 7 out of 10. Too much divorce-distraction and too many names and details to memorize for my ME-brain.

Salad with my own homegrown chives and parsley!

I went to the open air cinema next to the Pieterskerk in Leiden with Bram and B.. We saw 'The Lunchbox', it was good! So cool to watch a movie beneath the stars!

Roeland and I visited the Nationaal Glasmuseum in Leerdam, where we saw an exhibition on Ernst Haeckel and glass art inspired by his work.

Summer = strawberries!

Another episode of the James Bond-Marathon with several friends and acquaintances, loved the vibe!

I attended the monthly movie night: nice food at the filmhuis restaurant, followed by the Japanese animated movie 'The wind rises'. The story wasn't that interesting, but it looked good.

I attended the spring-meeting of my patient association. Nice to see and meet certain people in person! Maarten said good bye as secretary; his term ended.

I joined in for a monthly sunday afternoon drinks-gathering, in the sun. My friend F. had won a bet by sticking to his diet. His prize was a drink of his choice... Go F.!

I spent a long weekend at J's in the province of Limburg. We had good times: I got a tour of his village and its surroundings, we visited Tongeren (especially the Gallo-Romeins Museum), and on the last day Maarten joined us for some geocaching and a short visit to Maaseik, where I met the stone version of my heroes Jan and Hubert van Eyck.

Thankful for a lot of time spent with friends and other nice people!

Summer = vanilla-orange icecream!

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