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In April...

I attended a tour of Meermanno's new exhibition on Artist's books after 1950. Come and see for yourself, if you're in the neighbourhood!

In january, I interviewed osteopathic practitioner Paul Wetselaar about his work. In April, my liver, my neck and I got to experience osteopathy first hand. He managed to loosen up my neck somewhat and did interesting things with my intestins that made them feel... free of soms sorts.

I visited my grandparents. Their house rental company had refitted their kitchen.

I had dinner with Roeland and F., after which F. and I joined the monthly drinks night in Leiden. A good evening with Jannet, Bram and other friends and acquaintances.

I attended the monthly film night in The Hague. A nice big group this time. We had dinner at the Filmhuis restaurant. I went to see 'Nebraska' with most of the group.

My friend M. is a student at the Paul van Vliet Academie, where he learns about cabaret and such. The students have to perform in front of an audience several times a year. It was fun to attend and to enjoy their performances with Noks.

I studied cultural history of antiquity, but decided I wasn't up for the exam just yet, so I postponed it. Bummer, 'cause I've been having a lot of that lately; having to postpone exams because I'm not able to go or not fully prepared due to my health or other things going on :-/

I made some simple easter cards.

Maarten and I had easter dinner with Wilma and Fred. Wilma had bought waaaay too much off course. I binged on salad, mostly.

I attended the Elfia fantasy fair with Wilma, Nicolette, Danja and Maarten. Danja and I dressed up as victorian ladies, Maarten as a victorian gentleman.

Easter dinner with the inlaws; fondue.

I visited Elfia again, this time with Bram, F. and G.. We had a blast, even though it rained for a while and it was quite cold. I wore a gothic dress but had to wear my coat most of the day.

A new editor was added to our magazine crew, yay! :-) And our designer had to resign. :-(

I had dinner with Roeland, his neighbour R. and their former neighbour M.. R. cooked us pasta with a salad.

Roeland and I went to see an exhibition on King Willem the 2nd as a collector at the Dordrechts Museum.

Maarten and I were invited to Francien's birtday dinner at restaurant La Bota in Leiden, with R., T. and L. I had a goat cheese salad (can't help myself; I'm addicted to the stuff!), lamb steakes and part of a warm waffle. The place is a bit loud, but the food was good!

Rob and I spent an afternoon in Leiden, visiting the Hortus Botanicus and the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (National Museum of Antiquities).

Maarten and I visited Wilma for her birthday. My stephbrother and his fiancée and stephdaughter were there too, and Fred off course. We had Greek take-out for dinner.

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