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I'm a student in cultural studies, a museum enthusiast, a scrapbooker and an art journaler. I love to travel within Europe and I enjoy photography. You can read more about me on my homepage.


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I live, I love, I create, I capture, I learn, I enjoy.

In March...

Polare, a large chain of bookstores, went bankrupt. They had a big sale of part of their stock. I filled several bags with books (they charged 5 euro a bag). I only bought two books for myself, the rest will be birthday presents and such. Later that day I had tea (tealess tea for me, off course ;-) ) with Roeland and his neighbour R..

It was starting to look and feel like spring. I had a nice afternoon walk in Zoetermeer with my friend F..

Later that day I visited Wilma and Fred to celebrate Fred's birthday (Maarten was ill so he couldn't come along). We had Greek take-out for dinner.

The florist had wrapped the cellophane in a way that reminded Maarten and me of ears. So I added eyes and a mouth...

At Meermanno I started entering the Doeve collection into the collection database. We had a farewell reception for G., who had been sacked due to cut- backs. And at the end of the month, I worked with L. to get the digital newsletter ready and out the door.

Fran and I attended the Salon de Museologie. This month's topic was: 'what can museums learn from commercial blockbuster exhibitions?'

The monthly Friday night's drinks night in Leiden was fun. I learned a new trick using beer coasters.

I found this scene on the window sill. The colourful paper fruits made me think of the flower garlands people offer to the gods in Asia. Was someone offering to the dalek?

Or was the dalek offering them to the cow? Whatever it was, it seemed kinda out of character ;-)

I attended a study day in Amsterdam for city planning. Teacher Irmin herded his flock of students all around the city center. He had appointed each of us a building about which we had to give a 5-minute presentation on location. I got 't Aepgen, one of only two historical houses with a wooded facade left standing in Amsterdam. We got nice, sunny spring weather.

I caught a bad cold that kept me in bed for a while. Even using my laptop was too much for a couple of days, so nothing left to do than rest and read some light fiction. This happened shortly before my city planning exam, so I had to postpone it :-/

When I was feeling a little better I attended a monthly gathering with some friends and acquaintances. Still spring!


I voted.

I met up With Jannet a couple times.

I walked around in Leiden with Bram.

Maarten and I went to see 'Her'. Kinda sweet.

After months of looking for it, I finally got my hands (mouth...) on a Magnum Five kisses #1: crme brle!

Maarten and I attended B.'s birthday party. I ate too much chocolate profiteroles and shared last place when we played Boonanza.

Roeland and I went to see 'The Grand Budapest hotel'. Weird but all right.

My wallet got stolen. Thankfully my passport and my chipcards for public transport weren't in it, and I was able to block my bank card and credit card before the thief used them.

I attended the third James Bond-marathon at B.'s. Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and good company, and waaay too much chocolate and potatoe chips. And some cheese and berries.

I went to church with P.. The religious aspect isn't for me, but he had convinced me that attending a service was a good way to experience a church the way it is meant to and get a look around. And P. doesn't go to church just anywhere: he goes to the historical Westerkerk in Amsterdam. As he promised, the organ music was good, as far as I could judge. It was an interesting experience. We had drinks along a canal afterwards, the weather was nice and sunny. After saying goodbye I walked around town for about an hour. Then I took a train to The Hague, where I met up with Maarten. We shopped for clothes for him and visited granny-in-law, who has recently turned 90.

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