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It's a Photo Booth Thing

So I promised to tell you more about the photo booth I made for my p-party.
I had seen photo's of such things in the blogosphere and liked them, but had never hosted a party before that would have enough guests that might use it to make it worth while. A few weeks before the party, I decided I wanted to have a photo booth, and started to think about how I could make it work with minimal cost and effort. I googled and collected inspiration on Pinterest and went from there.

We own a two-bedroom apartment. The smaller of the two bedrooms serves as a guest room and as my scrapbook room. I realised this would be the best place for my photo booth: it's out of the way, and it would be relatively easy to cover the shelving and book cases with white sheets. I also hung sheets in front of the single guest bed that stands in front of the window. Now I had a white lined cubicle that would fit several people at once. I placed a bar stool in the spot meant for posing.
I thought about having a more interesting background, but simply lacked the time to make one. and white goes with almost everything, so I didn't have to worry about decoration clashing with my guests' clothing.

Technical stuff
Above the spot where people would pose was a lamp hanging from the ceiling. I also placed two spotlights, one hanging next to the tripod that held my SLR camera, and one on the floor shining upwards. I didn't have fancy flash lights and reflector sheets, and this way people would be well lit. During the day, there would be daylight coming from behind the posers.
Since I didn't have a remote for my camera, people needed someone to operate the camera. I didn't find any surprises on my camera, so everybody left that up to me. When I was in the shot myself, I set the self timer.

I had some usable stuff laying around (a witches nose, a pigs nose, flower garlands, summer hat) and I asked Wilma to bring some stuff from her closet filled with fantasy clothes and accessories (a witches hat, the cow mask, the boa...). I bought the huge glasses at Wibra and the Al Capone hat and huge bow tie at Flying Tiger.
The day before the party I set to work with a set of wooden sticks Wilma had bought at the garden center, a pencil, a pair of sciccors, a black pen, a large sheet of black cardstock and smaller purple and yellow bits. Drawing inspiration from some of the examples I had pinned, I drew hats, glasses, moustaches and such, cut them out and stuck them on the sticks with double sided tape. Cheap, easy and fun!
I placed all my props in a corner of the photo booth and made a sign that I placed above it. My photo booth was ready to go!

Not all my guests felt like using the photo booth. I didn't drag them in there. But I did make people aware of its existence, and was surprised at some of the people that did want to pose :-) I had a blast, reading out the memory card the day after the party, and sent out thank you notes afterwards holding a silly photo of me and a photo of themselves if they had made use of the photo booth. I don't think my guests would like me for spreading their silly portraits on the web, so I'll only make a fool out of myself. And out of Frank, who I'm pretty sure won't mind ;-)

Geplaatst op 15-03-2014.
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Reactie geplaatst op 2014-03-15.

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:)Alleen die ene foto zonder van jou zonder prop past er niet zo tussen...

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