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In February...

The month started with the results of my paper for the seminar 'Het nieuwe Rijksmuseum?' ('The new Rijksmuseum?'). I wrote about the influence of nationalism on the Rijksmuseum, now and in the past. I need to tweek it a little and will post it on my website.

For Lees ME, we dotted the i's for our Special and did some work on the summer issue.

My grandpa gave us all a scare by getting pneumonia. He's recovering well, thankfully.

I attended the Salon de Museologie. This month's topic was 'Event stress'.

The monthly drinks night in Leiden was fun, with a nice mix of friends, acquaintances and new people. Shouting over drinks is só bad for my voice and troath, though!

Danja and I checked out Wonderkamers 2.0 at the Gemeentemuseum together. It was a fun afternoon. We played games in the Wonderkamers and set up our own virtual exhibition for the mini museum, I managed to not get lost in the building (a first), and we had nice cupcakes.

Maarten and I started watching season 4 of Heroes. Enjoying it so far, although the first two seasons were much better.

Roeland and I visited the Hortus Botanicus Leiden. There was a guided tour about ferns and antplants. Quite interesting, actually. Later that day we had drinks with Jannet.

I joined the monthly film night-crew for dinner but left before the movie; the movies they picked didn't appeal to me. And dinner is always the best part anyway ;-)

It's not like I didn't get to see any movies; a couple days later I attended part two of the James Bond marathon at B's house. We entered the Roger Moore era and the atendees that do alcohol did so in style.

I joined Roeland and two relatives of his for a visit to the Gevangenpoort in The Hague. It was a nice afternoon, but I didn't really see anything new at the Gevangenpoort.

Better be good in The Hague, Amsterdam or Leiden, if you don't want to get a permanent skinmark...

At Meermanno I finally really truly finished a major headache project. Starting a couple new projects, one of which might become interesting. The rest in line with the work I was already doing.

I got my first introduction to the world of online Role Playing Games. I played an introductory Pathfinder adventure with a group of 5 people. Despite troubles with the sound (probably something to do with the wifi or my browser settings) I really enjoyed it and had a fun evening at Bram's place (he was part of the group), with way too much potatoe chips and chocolate. I played a Half Elf Ranger called Emerald.

Last November I got my propedeutics in cultural studies. It was a big deal for me to get my propedeutics, so I wanted to throw a party. I decided to wait untill well after december, since everyone would have enough parties to deal with. So on February 22, I hosted a party. It was a great night!

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