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In January...

Despite having a cold, I celebrated my birthday with Maarten, Wilma, Martijn, Frank, Nicolette, Danja and several inlaws during the afternoon of January 1. I didn't bake anything, but had bought readymade cakerolls. I got spoiled with cinema tickets, money for museum magazine subscriptions, cards, giftcards, huge soup bowls (albeit nationalistic, girly and kitschy ;-) ), ATC-page protectors filled with journalingcards, a DIY penguin, a handknitted scarf, alcohol free rosé, birthday wishes, noteblocs and a little puzzle.

My friend B. is a big James Bond fan. He had been talking about organizing a Bond-marathon for months, and finally hosted one. I'm not a fan, but the movies aren't bad either and the company would be fun, so I attended part of the day (not feelng up to staying the whole day because of my cold). There were short introductions to each movie and a coctailshaker was involved to produce the whole 'shaken, not stirred'-thing. This was only part one, with Sean Connery's Bond, more to come on future saturdays...

Jannet and I met up at Bagels & Beans in Leiden for drinks and catching up.

I attended the monthly film night in The Hague. We had dinner at Muziekcafé Paraplu (a first, we liked it). We alternate between the arthouse cinema and Pathé, and this was Pathé month. Since we want to have dinner first but don't want to be home too late on a work day, there are usually just three or four options to choose from. Most times we all go to see the same movie, but sometimes we split up. Most of the group wanted to see 'The wolf of Wall Street'. I preferred 47 Ronin, and fortunately Bram was willing to keep me company. I had low expectations of the movie, but it was all right and I was happy I had chosen that one.

Due to my cold, I wasn't able to attend my grandpa's 86th birthday, so I paid him and my grandma a visit the next week. When I had asked him if he had any birthday wishes, his reply was that any present would do. So I promised him a net of brussels sprouts. He appreciated it, and told my grandmother he wasn't willing to share them with her ;-).
That evening I met up with Maarten in The Hague for another night of cinema. We went to see The Hobbit 2: The desolation of Smaug. We saw it in Imax 3D. Lots of running from one place to the next, but I enjoyed it.

I was still studying the history of collecting and museums in 'Kabinetten, galerijen en museums'. There was a day with lectures and a tour of the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven to accompany the course. I attended. Later in the month, I found out I had forgotten to enroll for the exam, and was already too late to do so. Next chance: June. So I had to change up my study schedule a bit and focussed on Stedenbouw (city planning).

Noks introduced me to Lèneke Knipscheer. Lèneke provides tours for groups visiting the Gemeentemuseum. She was nice enough to let me accompany her on two of these tours this month, as a sort of mini-internship.

I did my first interview for Lees ME, with osteopathic practitioner Paul Wetselaar. It went well. The rest of the month was spent working on the Special on how to cope with getting and having ME or CFS, from a mental and social perspective, that is due out by the end of March. (Having a serious physical illness like ME has an influence on your mental and social wellbeing. Especially since ME is not taken seriously by many people in medical and political circles. We wanted to give our readers all sorts of information that might helpn them cope with that.)

I built a penguin. And a baby penguin. Very proud of myself since, as Bram pointed out, making a penguin is much harder for a human than it is for penguins. I penguined it forward and got Jannet and A. building their own. Penguins taking over the world!

Roeland and I spent a day in Antwerp, visiting the cathedral (where paintings from the museum of fine arts are on show that were originally made for the cathedral) and Museum Mayer van den Bergh. Afterwards we had hot chocolate at Quetzal with L. I did too much on too little sleep lately, so the fun day ended with a migraine on the way home :-/

I attended a new years reception, where I met lots of people I knew and several new people. A nice afternoon, even though I was still tired.

I worked on the Meermanno digital newsletter for February from home, and met up with R. at the depot in the cellar of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. There was a new years reception for the Friends of the museum, which I attended. I also spent an afternoon doing several little chores, like cleaning my mailbox, and treated my colleagues to Tuc (hearthy biscuits) for my birthday.

From 1995-1998 I had a relationship with Martijn, who's still a good friend. We regularly visited his grandparents together during those years. I was only a teenager, but it was a pretty serious relationship for youngsters that age and Martijn's grandparents felt like my grandparents-in-law. I kept in touch with them over the years, although mostly just trough christmas cards. In January, Grandpa Coenen passed away, fortunately at a good age without much suffering. I attended the funeral, which was nice and personal. He was a kind man, I have some good memories of him.

What do you do when you clean out your kitchen kabinet and find out you have a bag of bakers-cream powder that is almost over date? I baked cream puffs, Maarten helped me eat them and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards.

Roeland and I attended a lecture/tour at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (National Museum of Antiquities). Curator Ruurd Halbertsma spoke about the decorated gems the museum had recently added to its collection, after the closure of the Geldmuseum (Money Museum) in Utrecht. We learned about cameos and intaglios, especially the 'Grand Cameo'. This Grand Cameo and the collecting of this kind of objects was also mentioned in my study book for Kabinetten, and Mr. Halbertsma spoke about collecting these kinds of objects and the pedigree of the cameo, which made it all the more relevant. I had never taken much interest in such objects, but now that I know more about them, they're becoming more interesting to look at.

Tea with Roeland en Bram (just water for me), and an evening walk trough Leiden with Bram. Such a charming historical city.

I recently joined a Linked In group of job-seekers, called 'De Broekriem'. We give each other advice on how to go about looking for a job. I joined a group that commented on each others Linked In profiles and cv's, and got some useful pointers. They also organize workshops and such. I attended a workshop in Utrecht on networking and got some useful pointers. Some of us enjoyed the free lunch afterwards.

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