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Fantasy / Steam Punk Calendar

For Sinterklaas 2013, I decorated a calendar for Wilma. I used fantasy and steam punk themes. Some pages turned out better than others. Make sure you don't make my mistake; leave enough space for the pages to close easily!

I used a ready-made blank calendar.

The funny vintage-like map came from a box of chocolates L. had gotten Maarten for his birthday. I matted it on patterned paper and stamped the year on it.

The patterned paper on the right is probably Graphic 45. I emossed the butterflies on the purple cardstock with UTEE. The month is also stamped and embossed. I added a wonky line around the edge to tie it all together.

So this is where things went wrong. First I stuck it on the wrong page. And since changing up February and March doesn't quite fit reality, I had to carefully remove it. That Action double sided tape does a good job. So there was some tearing around the edges. Then i stuck it on the right page, but accidentally rotated it. Third time was a charm, but by then I had removed all the edges to make the rough look seem deliberate. For the background I stamped feathers on greem cardstock, using a slightly darker shade of green. I stamped and embossed the month. The jugendstil/steam punk lady is Graphic 45.

Not too happy about this one. I started out with that pretty envelope. The colours of the other products I used (cardstock, envelope, piece of patterned paper, blingstones, spray ink) were derived from the colours on the envelope. I stamped and embossed the month.

I started out with the mint greene envelope, handwrote the month and added the solver line. Added the tag with a picture of an elf and a brad. I used my lace stamp with silver ink on the bottom of the page, but that didn't work out too well, so I used what I think is a Pink Paisley sticker border on top.

Back in the day, when I just started scrapbooking, I bought everything I could get my hands on. Like cream-coloured pattern paper. A few years ago, I decided I would never use it as it was, and covered it in pink paint, letting the pattern shine trough. For the calendar, O stamped butterflies in a darker pink. I used a silver coloured pen to add lines around the page, trace the edges of the butterflies and repetitiously write the month. I finished the butterflies with butterfly stickers, I think Pink paisley.

When I was playing around with spray inks a while ago, I had saved the large piece of paper that I had used to protect the floor. I added stamps of a little frog prince, stars and the month.

I added cream skeleton leaves to the patterned paper and cut the month out of a piece of felt.

Graphic 45. Stamped and embossed the month and added lines with black pen. The outer line consists of tiny circles.

A Graphic 45 lady, all sorts of fake leaves I had laying around, and the month stamped and embossed.

Another Graphic 45 lady (Wilma loves Grapic 45, she gave me these papers ;-) ). Stamped and embossed month. Stamped and embossed background with UTEE.

Old flyer of the band Omnia, picked up at a fantasy fair once. Used my new blue embossing powder with stamps of wings and a row of little stars. Stamped and embossed the month (if you look closely, you can see that I accidentally stamped December at first, fortunetaly I noticed that I already had made a page for december before I embossed, so I could scrape off the embossing powder and exchange Dec for Nov).

Stamped the month. Used a photo taken at a fantasy fair that I had laying around. A ready-made tag, a cupcake liner, a little black feather and a clock with metal hands. Here, the lace stamp did a better job. I added silver lines to the edge of the page with a pen.

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