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In December...

In December we did some last chores for the December issue of Lees ME, and a lot of work for the Special on how to cope mentally and socially with falling ill with, and having, ME or CFS. (ME is a biomedical illness, but off course becoming chronically ill has an effect on one's wellbeing and on the interaction with the people around us.) Good to be working in advance, which will save stress later on! M. joined us as an editor, yay!

For Meermanno I've mostly been working in the depot with R., almost finishing up a large job of adding a collection of books to the museum's collection.

I've been studying the history of collecting and museums in 'Kabinetten, galerijen en musea' (Cabinets, galleries and museums). I had been looking forward to this course! :-)

I went to a monthly evening bar meet-up in Leiden. Smaller company than the month before, but I enjoyed it!

Wilma and I visited the Midwinterfair in Archeon. We met up with Bram and A. and saw several bands play.

Maarten and I paid a birthday visit to his mum.

Maarten and I celebrated Sinterklaas with Wilma and Fred. We got spoiled, as usual. Apart from lots of Sinterklaas presents, we got an advent calendar and unwrapped a present every day untill christmas.

Many of the advent calendar presents consisted of atc-page protectors filled with journaling cards Wilma had decorated for me. I use them for my daily journaling, one page protector like that a week.

I applied for lots of jobs. It's hard: to get a job, you need work experience. To get work experience, you need a job. Volunteer work isn't always taken seriously. There's a small chance an employment agency specializing in students can help me, I've been to see them.

I had dinner at the Filmhuis restaurant in The Hague in good company. They finally had enough brownies, yay! After dinner we saw 'Like father, like son'. Nice movie.

I attended the Salon de Museologie in Amsterdam. This month's theme was museum shops and museum webshops. Inspiring! Who knows... ;-)

My cousin T. got married. They exchanged their vows in Huize Swaensteyn in Voorburg. The room was filled to the brim; Frank and I managed to squeeze ourselves into a corner, Maarten had to stand in the hallway!
Frank, Nicolette, Danja and I attended the party in the evening.

I attended the monthly sunday afternoon café meet-up in Leiden. There weren't many people this time around, maybe it's the time of year.

An insufficient stock of christmas cards gave me a good excuse to spend some time in my scrapbook room.

I had a nice dinner with Bram and Roeland at Roeland's place. I cooked carrot-chorizo-coriander soup (I had had that at the Filmhuis restaurant and succesfully made my own), sort of messed up my biryani and enjoyed the company and the chocolate icecream Bram provided.

Chirstmas dinner at Museum Meermanno was 'bring your own' this year, because of cut-backs. I made spinach pie and wore my victorian outfit. That wasn't very practical for travelling by tram :-) The museum's attic was nicely decorated and we had way too much food. It was a very nice evening! I didn't join this years creative activity; a Japanese technique of inking a fish and pressing paper onto it to make a print.

My victorian skirt wasn't very practical in public transport ;-)

Note our Baron of Westreenen van Tiellandt on the right.

Maarten and I spent two evenings checking out the Amsterdam Light Festival. We did a boat tour and walked the 'Illuminade' route. We're spoiled rotten after attending all these light festivals, but there were a few works I really liked.

A couple days before christmas, we had a pre-christmas dinner with Wilma and Fred. Yay for sausages. Bow ties are cool!

On christmas eve Maarten and I paid his dad a birthday visit.

On christmas day Maarten and I had christmas breakfast together and dinner with the inlaws. Multiple starters and lots of desserts.

Francien had shown us photo's of her trip to Java, where, appearently, the combination of chocolate sprinkles and melted cheese is very popular. I tried it on my crossaint. Didn't really like not dislike i, just a weird combination.

Maarten and I saw the movie 'Mary and Max' at home.

A. and I visited Museum de Lakenhal in Leiden, and saw their current exhibition Utopia on expressionism and constructivism. We had a nice afternoon.

A. gave me a book, as a thank you for borrowing one of mine for a study assignment.

Maarten and I saw the Doctor Who christmas special. Thanks for the fun times Matt!

I beat Roeland at Monopoly, he said he had been unbeatable for at least 15 years ;-) I must admit, it took me quite some tries before I was victorious ;-)

I ended the year with a cold and too many oliebollen.

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