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I'm a student in cultural studies, a museum enthusiast, a scrapbooker and an art journaler. I love to travel within Europe and I enjoy photography. You can read more about me on my homepage.


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In November...

The month started out with a night out in Leiden. New faces and nice familiar faces to catch up with/get to know better. I had a good time getting high on hot chocolate and oj. I don't usually spend nights hanging out at bars, I liked it but man, why do they need to play music that loud when people come there to chat with each other over drinks? No voice left afterwards.

I learned for my exam on Veranderende Grenzen 1 (Changing borders 1) that I had had to postpone in October. I was a bit bummed to only get a 7 (out of 10) as a result, but that does mean that I now have my propedeutics! I wish my health would have allowed me to get them at the age of 19 or 20 instead of 31, but for many years I didn't even dare to hope I would ever get to study for my bachelors degree, so it's another step in the proces of my big dream coming true!

I spent several days in Leiden, taking care of my furry friend Poes, while her human was checking out paintings by Jan van Eyck, amongst other things, in Berlin. (can you tell I was slightly jealous? ;-) ). She likes to prey on the papers coming from the printer and comes running whenever you use it.

Since I had had to postpone my exam on Veranderende Grenzen 1, I would have had only two weeks afterwards to prepare for my exam on antiquity's culture. I decided to prevent myself from stressing out and changed my schedule. I'm now working on Stedenbouw (city building) and Kabinetten, Galerijen and Musea (on museums and their forebarers).

I attended the Salon de museologie, on museum awards.

I had a social sunday in Leiden: meeting up for drinks with Francien, seeing 'Museum Hours' (part of the Leids Film Festival) with Bram at Kijkhuis cinema, and then cooking and eating Indian dinner with Bram and J.. J. had brought chocolate icecream, oh my!

Roeland and I attended an evening of the Friends of Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde, the ethnographic museum in Leiden. The curator of the Oceania-department spoke about the new permanent presentation on Oceania. After the break, we all went to the exhibition room for a quick tour.

I attended an evening of my student association. Someone gave an interesting lecture on Museum the Lakenhal in Leiden during the early 20th century.

After working in the Meermanno depot, located in the cold cellars of the Royal Library, for a couple of hours on a wednesday afternoon, I met up with Bram. We went to restaurant Deluca, where our party grew to a number of five. After a nice dinner we went to see 'The World's End' at Spui cinema. British humour, which is nice when you're in the right mood and have the right expectations. I quite enjoyed myself.

Maarten and I spent two days in Eindhoven for the 8th edition of GLOW. Not the most spectacular edition we've seen, but we had a good time and it wasn't too cold.

I have been working with my fellow editor E. since March 2012. For a very long time, she was just a voice coming from my computer during meetings, and someone who sent me e-mails and worked in documents in our shared dropbox. It wasn't untill October this year that she added a photo to her Skype profile. I was still getting used to the fact that she actually had a face, and now we finally got to meet! She turned out to be a real, 3D person! We had actually made plans to meet last year, but Aafjes health got in the way back than. We spent a nice couple of hours chatting in a grand café.
Unfortunately our new editor R. had to give up her position with the magazine, we're sorry to see her go!

Good talks and laughs during the monthly get-together on a sunday afternoon in Leiden.

I attended a seminar on the 'new' Rijksmuseum, organized by the ladies of the OU Erfgoedplatform (the heritage division of my faculty).

Maarten and I visited Zwolle. We saw Museum de Fundatie, with it's newly added top floors, browsed books in Waanders in de Broeren (a bookstore in an old church) and visited Stedelijk Museum Zwolle (city museum).

Being proper Whovians, Maarten and I had been looking forward to Doctor Who's 50th anniversary episode for months. We made ourselves cups of Eraclea hot chocolate and enjoyed an adventure with no less than three Doctors.

Roeland and I met up with M. to visit the Tropenmuseum. We saw the exhibitions 'Escher and Islamic Art' and 'Black and White' and part of the permanent collection. afterwards the three of us met up with B. for drinks.

Sinterklaas preparations!

Another wednesday afternoon at the Meermanno depot. R. treated us to hot chocolate during our break. I met up with friends (and someone new) for dinner at The Old Pal in Zoetermeer. After dinner we were joined by 10 others for drinks, it was a nice evening!

My father in law ended his career of working for a firm providing life insurance to complicated cases. There was a farewell lunch with his co-workers, to which us kids (in law) were invited. The venue was a fish restaurant with elaborate things on the menu. Usually not my type of venue, but they took very good care of me and my food intolerances. T.'s collegues made a nice gathering out of it with speeches and presents.

I attended a study day on expressionism, organized by one of my teachers. It was at the Van Abbe Museum, where we got to listen to interesting lectures and got a tour of the new permanent presentation.

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