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I'm a student in cultural studies, a museum enthusiast, a scrapbooker and an art journaler. I love to travel within Europe and I enjoy photography. You can read more about me on my homepage.


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I live, I love, I create, I capture, I learn, I enjoy.

Dear Sinterklaas,

I've been very good this year: I've worked and studied hard. You probably knew that already, but I wanted to emphasize it before you saw my wishlist. It's okay if you don't give me all of these for your birthday, you can save a thing or two for my birthday next month.

Romo the smartphone robot

Because he's just cute. See here for more information.
And oh, yeah, I don't have a smartphone yet, so I'd need that too, thank you.

A trip to Berlin. And Vienna. And actually, every place where they have a Jan van Eyck, please!

An I-pod with docking station

My portable cd-player broke last year, so now I can only listen to music in the living room, or on my laptop which doesn't make it sound to good and often freezes when I play something on youtube. I do have an MP3-player, but I don't like having earphones in and it doesn't have a menu so I can't properly navigate on it. And could you please have Piet rip all the cd's I own and put them on there?

My very own dinosaur

When Maarten and I were in Zwolle recently, I saw this cute triceratops in a store window. He moves his head and even makes sounds! Übercute!

An ATC-sized rectangle punch

Only the thing is, they don't exist. There's one (or rather, two: with and without rounded corners) 3x4" punch now. But I don't work with the original project life since I prefer working in an A4-format in a 4-ring binder, so I can use all sorts of page protectors and use my 4-hole punch on everything flat and put it in my binder. There is no A4 page protector with 3x4" slots. One of my standard page protectors is the one with ATC-sized pockets. I spend and hour each month measuring out and cutting and erasing to make journallingcards. The right punch would save me at least 50 minutes of that, that I could then use on actual scrapbooking. I rarely use 3x4", only once in a while to fill up half a 6x4 pocket.
There is a sizzix die for ATC-sized rectangles. I suggested this to them years ago and probably wasn't the only one who did so, and now that they finally have one, they've made it non compatible with the original sizzix machine, just my luck...
I bet you could make a good profit by bringing a punch like that on the market, I'm sure I'm not the only one dying to get their hands on such a punch!

A long purple coat

You only spent part of fall in The Netherlands each year. Before winter kicks in, you head for Madrid. It's cold here in winter. Now I have good shoes, an owl-hat, gloves, poncho's and scarfs, and I have it on good authority that Wilma-Piet has been knitting away for your birthday. But there is this purple coat that I'm in love with. Only then, in a fabric that is just as pretty and warm but can be washed, so I don't have to be scared of rain or public transport seats. I've been in love with this coat for years, but the combination of the price and the non-washability puts me off. I suppose it's great for people who travel in their own car and don't regularly lose umbrella's within hours.

More coats, while we're at it:

And a dress would be nice

A great photo printer which magically refills cartridges and photopaper drawers

So I can print my photo's at home and sort of keep up with my project life, in stead of having to wait for months untill a promotion makes having photo's printed affordable.

I'll sing you a song before I go to sleep tonight, and I'll make sure to put a nice big carrot in my shoe for your horse. My very big shoe, as you might remember from past years, that will hold big presents. Thank you in advance!


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