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In October...

October didn't start well for me: on its first day I woke up with a cold, that kept me in bed for quite a while. I missed out on the fall-meeting of my patient organization, on meeting a friend for drinks and on the monthly film night I usually attend. I drank fruitshakes and Sourcy vitamin water mango-guave. Wilma got me grocaries, Roeland came to visit, I got lots of well-wishes on facebook and in e-mails, and Maarten cooked dinner a couple of times. I got to catch up on blogging and selecting photo's to print for my albums. I tried to study, but eventualy had to decide to delay my exam on Veranderende Grenzen 1 (Changing borders 1). I did start reading my book for 'Cultuurgeschiedenis van de oudheid' (Cultural history of Antiquity).

Just like the last two years, Mike sent me a diary he had printed, with my name on the cover. It's not just nice because it's a personal present someone made me, it's also a very practical diary, in the right size for me and with enough writing space per day. And I like black.

When I felt better, Maarten and I borrowed Wilma's car and visited Kasteel Amerongen. Afterwards, we drove further for a visit to Y.. I took photo's of her and her chickens, to go with an interview in Lees ME (our patient magazine). We had dinner at Ikea on the way home. Swedisch meatballs, baby, yeah! :-)

Ikea now offers a responsible choise of veggies. In their cuddly toys department, that is. Meet my new friend Broccoli...

Not sure if it's wise to store the carrots right next to the bunnies...

I spent an afternoon walking and talking trough Amersfoort and having drinks in café's with L.. Afterwards I met up with Maarten. We visited Martijn's birthday party.

I spent two days in the auditorium of the Rijksmuseum for the Codart 15th anniversary conference, listening to lectures on collecting art (mostly from a museum point-of-view, but private collectors were also part of the program).

Roeland and I attended a talk by the director of Museum Volkenkunde, about the future of the museum.

Roeland's cat Poes likes to sit in a kitchen cabinet. Preferably with the door closed.

With Maarten, I attended a lecture on Polish World Heritage sites.

Maarten and I spent 8 days travelling the eastern half of Switserland by train (and boat, for a bit, and cable car, for several bits). It was epic! What a beautiful country!

On a very stormy day (people were warned not to leave the house unless absolutely nessecary) Meermanno's yearly company outing took place in Dordrecht. It was quite an adventure to even get there, thanks to the storm, and we had to change our plans, but in the end, we had a great day.

Roeland and I attended a nice livingroom concert. Artists: Daniel Bachman and Riley Walker. Examples of their music:

Maartje, an ME patient, decided to conduct a little digital road trip from her bed. She invited a lot of (facebook) friends to come along by editing portraits of them. Seems like Rob and I were going north, dressed op nice and warm in our hats!

We worked hard on bringing everything together for the next issue of Lees ME, which will come out in december. Felt like I was starting to get the hang of this editor-in-chief thing. There's always more to learn, but it went smoother than last time. And a new editor joined what is now our team of three, yay! :-)

I have been going trough my books lately, selecting which can go. I had made good progress, maybe even two meters of shelf-space. And then my collegue R. started going trough hís books. His books on art history, actually. Which he knew are of interest to me. And he's a nice guy. So. Bye, bye, progress on making space, hello books on art!

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