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Scrapbook pages

I have allowed myself very little time for scrapbooking these past few years. When I do spend time in my scrapbookroom, it's usually to work on my version of project life. I always wait with printing the photographs until there's a promotion, so I can never finish a week right after it has ended. Due to that, I have a couple years worth of weeks existing of page protectors with pockets that are part empty, part filled with journaling cards. Each week has a folder with photo's and ephemera that are yet to be put into the empty pockets or used in/on extra inserts for that week. I do get around to my journalling quite often, and I do select photo's and have them printed, and sort the memorabilia and photo's by date. Once in a while I even decorate a journalling card in stead of just writing on it. I just never get around to finishing a week. Hope to make that happen someday soon. Only about 180 weeks to catch up on.
Once in a while, I do find myself some time to scrap:

Photo's from a trip to Ghent. Simple multi-photo-page. The lips are cut out of a photo; it's a couch we saw outside a store.

A page in the guestbook of the nice B&B Pand 4 in Dokkum. We stayed there in May 2012. I had brought some supplies for a travel journal and decided to get a little crafty with drawings, a label sticker and some tape. On the left you see us having drinks, sitting on the bench against the window. On the right you see Maarten reading on the floor next to the book case.

A set of cards, as a birthday present for Rob, who likes to send out a lot of them. I used white folded cards, spray ink, circles of silver coloured cardstock, tape, some bling and stickers. Not too happy about how some of the stickers work with the rest of the card.

A simple page for a birthdaybook Karin's daughter was making her for her birthday. Played with, stamps, ink and embossing powder, punches and coluzzle numbers.

In August I made an art journal cover for the patient magazine (you can see it in my 'In September...' post). I wanted a graph cardstock page with a bit of coloured ink misted onto it. I was playing around with my bottles of mist, trying the get the right effect and the right colour combination for what I had in mind. I only needed one of all these sheets for my cover and spread the rest out on the guest bed, where they lay for a while while I kept adding embellishments to them. I have finished two lay-outs this way (which I'll add to my September-October 2012 album, yay, progress! ;-) ):

Those are not black stars, it's the black from the table top underneeth that you're looking at.

Geplaatst op 19-11-2013.
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Reactie van Wilma

Leuk die "mist" inkt op de kaarten en die 2 lay outs, moet ik ook eens gaan proberen..

Reactie geplaatst op 2013-11-21.

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