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In June...

I started the month with a visit to the Huygens exhibition at the Grote Kerk in The Hague with Roeland. We also attended a lecture by one of the designers of the exhibition, which I enjoyed.

I visited my grandparents, to admire their somewhat whiter walls and to meet up with Frank, Nicolette and Danja, who were visiting as well.

Maarten and I went to see l'écume des jours (Mood Indigo). It starts surrealistic and fun and end surrealistic and sad.

Someone was making Rob a book with pages from lots of his friends, I scrapped one:

I attended the last studyday of art history, at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. I gave a 5-minute talk on an early 14th century ivory triptych, comparing it with a comicbook. Another fun day, too bad this class is over!

Two meetings with our mortgage advisor, changing things up a little house-loan wise, something to do with the interest rate.

Painters on the other side of my bedroom window, early morning.

After a cold, cold winter and a cold, cold spring we had some days of warm, sunny weather. Dresses and bare legs, sitting outside, enjoying the warmth... These days were rare, though, lots of cold and rain as well.

A friend's father died, Rob and I went to the funeral to support her. A nice, personal service, despite the large amount of people turning up.

A film marathon with my film-mates. We saw Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, the short film Because by Tom Tykwer, Twelve Angry Men, La Jetée and Les Triplettes de Belleville. We had been thinking about having a BBQ but decided against it in the end, because it would take too much time away from watching movies. So I cooked a fake BBQ: BBQ-food, but cooked on the stove and in the oven. A fun night!

Chocolate fondue straight from the stove, oh, yeah!

A nice walk with Maarten at the Reeuwijkse Plassen.

Dutchies, what's wrong with this picture? :-)

I had lunch with Cath at Green Bean at the Lange Voorhout in The Hague. Nice place and it was good to catch up with Cath. I had the goat cheese salad. The ladies behind the counter were surprised to see me take a photo of my salad. I explained to them it was for my blog, and promised to link to Green Bean if it tasted well. So here you go: http://www.green-bean.nl.

Working at entering data into the collection database at Meermanno. And helping out with sending out newsletters.

Another evening with my film-buddies: dinner at the Filmhuis (I loved the pumpkin, koriander, cashewsoup!) and then the movie Oh, Boy, with nice shots of Berlin.

Another Salon de Museologie with Fran. The topic was whether or not museums are part of the entertainment industry and the implications of that, and recommendations on how to use that in your (the museum's) interest. Food for thought, as usual!

I attended a conference on medieval art, at the auditorium of Museum Catharijneconvent. Interesting! Saw some familiar faces.

Roeland and I went to the open air cinema in a park in Leiderdorp, where we saw Little Miss Sunshine. The movie was allright, I mostly enjoyed the ambiance: rows of chairs on the grass, a large moviescreen with a mobile projector, a bar with popcorn, pillows and a line of coloured lightbulbs, stars above our heads and goats bleating in the next field...

I attended the opening of Meermanno's new exhibition on 500 years of military book culture in the Netherlands. Come and see it for yourself!

I attended a guided tour at the National Museum of Antiquities with Roeland and a friend of his. The curator of the near east-collection, Lucas Petit, lead us trough his recently renewed department. The museum has a free guided tour every sunday afternoon and serves a good hot chocolate ;-)

I attended a monthly get-together at a café and enjoyed myself in nice company.

I visited my grandparents because of (grand)father's day.

Roeland and I went to see 'The Great Gatsby', I enjoyed it.

Studying outside on warm days; on trainstations, at Hortus (the botanical garden) Leiden, on the balcony with Maarten, on Roeland's roof terrace with his cat...

Maarten and I treated F. and R. to dinner at Turkish Restaurant Capadokya in Zoetermeer, it was a late birthday present to both of them. It was sunny enough to eat outside. Friendly service, part of the food allright, part of it delicious.

Mocktails with Maarten; baby piña coladas. Maarten didn't like it, he thought it tasted like 'la vache qui rit'.

Roeland and I attended a lecture on the developement of the microscope in the 17th century in relation to Constantijn and Christiaan Huygens at Museum Boerhaave.

Roeland and I visited Kasteel Huis Bergh in 's-Heerenberg, where there's an exhibition of medieval manuscripts from their own collection. We also joined a guided climb of the castle's tower, from where we could look into Germany.

Maarten and I went to see The Hague Sculpture: outside at the Lange Voorhout and inside at Museum Beelden aan Zee. We combined it with a visit to Maarten's grandmother and a visit to the Filmhuis (an arthouse cinema) to see 'Frances Ha'. I guess it's a funny movie if you enjoy experiencing vicarious shame, which I don't. Nice to see a movie with a happy end.

My fellow editor E. and I organized a thank-you present for Lees ME's head editor who is stepping down. We sent out a call to people who have worked with her on the magazine over the years to ask if they would write something, and compiled a special issue of the magazine. For the cover I photographed a bunch of issues she worked on over the years.

I attended a monthly games night. We played Agricola and Take Five. Then the host trew us out because it was late, and a group of us went over to someone else's house to play Carcassonne. I really enjoy playing boardgames and learning to play new ones!

Roeland and I visited Museum Volkenkunde, I had just read something about it's exhibition design and wanted to see it in that light. Liked the design, but not the way the object-information is presented.

I made good progress with 'History of the Private Life' and booked several examns fot the upcoming months.

Maarten and I visited Zaamdam to see the Tsar Peter House, The Zaanse Schans and the Zaans Museum.

I ended the month with a birthday visit to my big brother and my first ever ride on the back of a scooter.

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