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In May...

Me and my fellow editors worked hard to get the next issue of our magazine Lees ME ready on time. Lots of skype meetings and looong to do lists. And we let the cat out of the bag: unfortunately our editor in chief is stepping down, I'm taking over starting 1 July.

Roeland and I went to the Nico Tinbergenlezing with some friends of his. We heard Rivke Jaffe speak about different groups in neoliberal society taking care of security, and Steven Pinker spoke about the history of violence (stating that the rate of violence has gone down over the centuries and has never before been as low as it is in our times). Somewhat out of my zone of interest, but I had it on good authority that I shouldn't miss out on this. Pinker referred to Hobbes and Kant, and, indirectly, to Hegel, which made it more interesting to me. Drinks afterwards. I really need to cut down on the amount of hot chocolate I'm downing these days!

A. and I went to the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht. Happy elephants, medieval art, Russian art, Sol Lewitt-vertigo, great art-historical discoveries concerning Italian baby Jesusses from around 1400AC wearing necklaces with red pendants of blood coral, sitting outside in the sun with a nice view of the river and the city and most of all lots of jokes and fun.

Maarten and I went to see Thérèse Desqueyroux. Good film but quite depressing. Milkshake/icecream afterwards.

I attended a study day for art history in The Hague, following our docent around town, with visits to Gallerij Willem V and Museum Bredius and inbetween, a quiet lunch on my own along the Hofvijver, with the sun and my sunflower-spread, chicken and cucumber sandwiches, a huge fish swimming in the pond, birds, tourists and a little ant that was trying to figure out how to transport the large crumb I sheared with him.

Later that day I travelled to Utrecht where I met up with Roeland for a Studium Generale lecture on the finding of truth and the mistakes you can make whilst doing that, by Herman Philipse. You can listen to it here, it's in Dutch and focusses on the role the finding of truth has in the judicial system. Which made it somewhat uninteresting for me, unfortunately.

Dinner at VIP in The Hague and the oh, so stupid silly bad movie '21 and over' (not even posting a trailer!) during the monthly filmnight with some of my movie mates. Good laughs and lots of facepalms.

Rob and I went to Museum Catharijneconvent, where we saw the exhibition Divine Inspiration and part of the medieval collection.
I spent the evening at the cinema with Roeland, where we saw 'La Religieuse', based on a book by Diderot. click here to see a trailer (French with Dutch subs).

A day out in Delft with Maarten.

Maarten cut my hair, as usual. But he cut off more than he was supposed to. And then he had to cut it some more to get it done straight. And now I can only just make a pony tail... Fortunately, hair grows ;-)

I visited my grandparents on the occasion of (grand ;-))mother's day.

I gave my very first short lecture for my student coöperation. They were kind to me, it was good practise ;-) I spoke (or rather, read my text out loud: I didn't have time for a lot of practise, and even if I had, my ME might be pretty mild these days compared to how it used to be, but memorizing stuff like that is still very difficult for me.) about the attribution of 'The Fishing Party' (De Vispartij), a coloured drawing owned by the Louvre, to Jan van Eyck by Claudine Chavannes-Mazel.
Roeland and A. were there to cheer me on (much appreciated!). After my lecture, someone else gave a long lecture about her experiences with running a printing business for students and protest groups in 1970's and early 1980's Leiden. Afterwards I joined some fellow students at a café for drinks.

Testruns with Meermannians of the code for the digital newsletter I wrote, it was fun to see them starting to put what I made to use! At the end of the month it premiered when we used it for the June newsletter.

Francien and I went to the Salon de Museologie in Amsterdam. The topic was the use of new media in museums (social media, interactives...). Interesting!

I attended two tours of the Rijksmuseum with fellow students. One on the building, and one on a couple of the most important/interesting works of art they have. Saw most of the museum this time, but mostly in passing, I'll have to go back to have a proper look at things!

Leo and I had a nice stroll along a stream (de Mark) and trough a forest south of Breda. We also visited the city center and the Grote Kerk (Large Church) and sampled some of Breda's café's. Click here to see the route.

I attended a monthly gathering at a café in Leiden and went to see Roeland afterwards to watch 'The Age of Innocence' together.

I joined a quest trough Leiden, where teams had to solve puzzles to learn the route and to accumulate scorepoints. It was pouring but we had lots of fun and got a shared 3rd place out of ten. Fun to get a new perspective on some parts of Leiden this way! It's one of my favourite cities.

I attended a study day in Utrecht, it was a meeting for art history at the Centraal Museum. Fun!

Nice and relevant illustrations on the floors here and there. A nice way to spruce things up and attract interest.

The installation Pretty Vacant by design bureau Rietveld Landscape

A maquette by Rietveld

Roeland and I had dinner at Eazie and went to the cinema to see Hannah Arendt.

B. was asking if anyone wanted to join him in attending a monthly games night. I was game so we drove to Den Hoorn, where we met three ladies with whom we played Machiavelli and Take Five. Fun!

Maarten, my cousin R. and I spent an afternoon preparing our grandparent's livingroom to be painted (Maarten and two of my cousins did the painting the next day). It was a fulfillment of a long standing promise we made opa and oma as a present for their 60th wedding anniversary. Their 62th wedding anniversary will be this summer ;-)

Using the blender to make bright green healthy stuff.

I went to the last day of the course on making magazines, it was very enjoyable and I learned a lot.

I organized a raffle at Meermanno, the prizes consisting of all sorts of presents given to our employees by business relations. Someone had been collecting them for quite some time but no one had gotten around to organize the raffle before. Some of the objects were really nice, others totally silly. I made numbered packages of them, corresponding with the amount of contestants, and had them draw numbers from a hat. It was a fun and festive teabreak!

Roeland and I had dinner together and attended a studium generale lecture at the study center of the open university in The Hague. Prof. dr. Paul van den Akker spoke about the influence of old painting art on modern photography. Unfortunately he had a different definition of 'old' art than I do, but it was interesting never the less. Fun with fellow students.

I visited Museum Boijmans van Beuningen to have a good look at the early 14th century ivory triptych on which I had to give a short talk the next week. Off course I had to pay a quick visit to the only Jan van Eyck in a Dutch collection...

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