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Bruges & Ghent Day 2

On 27 April We had breakfast at the hotel restaurant. A simple buffet, but perfectly adequate. Afterwards, we headed for the Gruuthusemuseum, to visit the exhibition 'Love and Devotion', about the Gruuthuse manuscript. (<- that link is worth while: you can browse trough all the pages of the manuscript and hear some of its songs!) The manuscript originates from Brugge and has been privately owned for a long time. The Belgians were not amused when the Dutch royal library acquired it in 2007. But now it's back in Bruges, for the duration of the exhibition. Many of the objects shown are books, but there are many other things to see as well, depicting the time from which the manuscript originates. I recognize two medieval sculptures that have been in 'The road to van Eyck' recently. In the first room a large projection screen shows knowlegable people saying short phrases. In another room, themed around music, you can hear fragments of songs from the manuscript, like the Egidiuslied, which is the most famous. In a seperate room, youngsters can write and craft their own loveletter, with quotes from the manuscript as inspiration. The information signs have black text with red initials, in keep with the manuscript, nice!

The last room we saw in the museum was a sort of chapel, connected to the church of our lady, with windows allowing us to look into the interior of the church. We decided on a visit to the church. It was worth while, despite renovations and damaged paintings. We saw the Madonna of Bruges by Michelangelo and the tombs of Mary of Burgundy and Charles the Bold (Karel de Stoute).

The window between the Gruuthusemuseum and the church.

We paused outside for a bit. There are groups of tourists everywhere, many of them wearing headphones and following a tourguide. Museum employees and such keep adressing us in English, even when we try to tell them we're Dutch; another sign of Bruges being a popular tourist destination.

Roeland told me he's never met anyone who takes this many photo's of herself ;-)

We visited St. Johns Hospital, especially worth while because of several paintings by Hans Memling. After entering we found ourselves in a large open plan exhibition room. It used to be filled with rows of beds. The room is sort of partitioned with showcases and movable walls , that way the visitor follows a route along objects having to do with the history of the hospital and art, ending amongst a worthwhile collection of Memling's works. The information signs have no less than five languages.

On our way back to the hotel we got a cupcake at 'Heavenly cakes' and some proper lunch-foods at the supermarket. We had lunch in our room and rested for a while.

We had hoped to visit the Belfry but the line was way too long to our liking, so we popped into the chapel of the holy blood for a quick visit and then saw the (mostly neo-)gothic town hall. I had seen both before, in late 2002, but my studies make them more interesting now.

The chapel of the holy blood:

Town Hall:

This trip's activities evolved mainly around Jan van Eyck, Hans Memling and Gruuthuse, so it was appropriate to find them on the walls of the hall ;-)

We had some great hot chocolate, spent a while in a comicbook store and then went on a walk, seeing, amongst other places, the Minnewaterpark and the Begijnhof. In the church at the Begijnhof, a church service was carried out; singing ladies in habits, it was like stepping into living history.

A sign outside the store said 'taste the best hot chocolate', to which we happily obliged!


Pointing at the belfry we didn't climb.

We had dinner at an Italian restaurant and went to sleep early, tired after a full day of art and history!

Most photo's taken by me, the one of me photographing myself was taken by Roeland

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