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Bruges & Ghent Day 1

On 26 April Roeland and I travelled to Bruges, where we spent the weekend. We stayed at the Bauhaus budget hotel. It's a hostel with some rooms with private bathroom. The room was well sized and we had a nice view over roofs and churches. We weren't so lucky with our noisy young neighbours staying at the lower floors of our building, though, they woke us up several times.

So what do chocoholics do as soon as they arrive in Bruges? Hot chocolate, baby, yeah! ;-)

After checking into the hotel we headed for the Groeningemuseum. Very little information on the wall signs. We spent most of our time with the older paintings in the collection. Lots of old masters, such a treat to see them! The works of Jan van Eyck had my special attention: Virgin and Child with Canon van der Paele and Portrait of Margaret van Eyck. I had seen them before, in early 2011, but with added knowledge and time spent with other works of Jan van Eyck I get so much more out of looking at them now than I did then! Oh, those details! To fall in love with! The softness of the velvet, the shine on the golden embroidery. Joris' wrinkles, and his book! Margaret is pretty much neglected by most tourists, Joris gets all their attention. Is that why she seems slightly sad? The details of the upper part of her lace head dress, the fur lining of her dress that just asks to be stroked! The shine on the band around her waist...
I also enjoyed the works by Hans Memling. Maria's hair on his annunciation looks so soft, it makes me wonder what shampoo she uses...

We took a little detour on our way back to the hotel, sampled a few of the second hand stores on 'our' street to check out the books, and had a short break.

This dog was laying in the window opening or inside the window most of the times we walked past. The people across the water-and-street have stuck a life-sized sticker of a small dog against their window, as a little friend for him to look at. Sweet!

Early in the evening we headed for the concertgebouw. We had hot chocolate/soup to warm us up (it was chilly!) and attended a concert with music from the Gruuthuse manuscript. The group performing is called Clubmediéval. They don't seem to have a website of their own bus you can like them on facebook. They used medieval types of instruments and took turns in singing, and sometimes sang together. Above the stage the text of the songs that were beging played was projected: on one screen pages from the manuscript, on the screen next to it a modern translation. Loved it!

Not all musicians were on stage at this point, but Roeland pointed out to me that I had missed a very huge, obvious sign saying photography wasn't allowed, so I didn't get any photo's of all of them together.

Most photo's taken by me, a few by Roeland

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