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In April...

We started April by trowing an easter buffet for ten guests. I made onion soup, zucchini soup, carrot-orangejuice-koriander soup, spinach quiche, pear pizza, a salad (like olivier salad but with mashed potatoes in stead of diced potatoes, can anyone tell me what this is called in English? the Dutch name for it is huzarensalade) and fiddled around with mozarella, goat cheese, spinach leaves, tomato pesto and black olives on little skewers. For desert, Maarten made honey waffles and I made smoothies. It was a fun get-together!

Our guests went a little overboard in their chocolaty generousity... ;-)

Wilma and Fred brought us this huge, silly fellow. He's still sitting on the kitchen counter, but we ate his little friends ;-)

On the second day of April I came down with a cold, bleh! I toughened up and went to Amsterdam, where Roeland and I had dinner at the public library and went to an evening with lectures and discussions on looking at art.

My salad for dinner at La Place in the library.

And how about that view from the roof terrace?!

I spent the rest of the week in bed, missing out on working at Meermanno, a bar visit, a film marathon and Leo's white chocolate cake birthday party. I did, however, attend skype meetings from my bed (no rest for the wicked!) and Roeland came over for hot chocolate. Out of necessity, Maarten's cooking skills got some practise. I got around to doing some writing for the blog and sorting trough some photo's, since my head was way to fuzzy for studying.

Still loving that blender! Daily fruitshakes to fight my cold!

E's computer was giving her a hard time, which meant she keeps getting kicked out of our skype meetings. At some point I was talking on the phone to E. and over skype to other E. and passing messages. Not very practical but a bit comical.

The latest issue of our magazine.

So many beautiful skies that month that I'll give them a post of their own.

After almost a week I was fed up with laying in bed. I felt somewhat better and didn't want to miss out on any more fun things.

Roeland and I went to a lecture art the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden about the new permanent exhibition on the near east.

I attended a study day for art history in Den Haag, spent an hour shopping (not in vain, so it was worth the effort), had dinner at the Filmhuis (I like their goat cheese salad) with two fun fellow goofballs (I'm not allowed to show a photo of the three of us wearing 3D-glasses so you'll have to make do with just me) and saw pretty much the most horrible movie ever (although some of the absurdness in it was, in a way, comical).

I went to work for the first time in a couple of weeks, fortunately they still recognized me and let me in and I could make myself useful.

I attended a conference on woodcut in incunabula at the KB. To my pleasant surprise several fellow Meermannians were there as well. The conference ended with the opening of an accompanying exhibition at Museum Meermanno.

I mumbled goodbye to Maarten, who left at five in the morning for a 3-day trip to the north of France.

Roeland and I went to the Rijksmuseum on the day it opened, I blogged about it here.

I attended and enjoyed Roeland's birthday party.

I walked from Amersfoort to Soest with Leo and Rob. We even got a nice temperature and a visit from the sun, allowing us to pause outside a café 'Vanouds 't Hoekje' for a long time. In Soest we had dinner at Eethuys 't Plukje, where I had an adventure of a goat cheese salad, so good! We couldn't find the train station and just missed the bus to Amersfoort, but in the end I did make my way home.

We had been joking on facebook about Rob eating a whole white chocolate cake on his own, so Leo made a small one just for Rob. It doesn't look that big, but trust me, this cake is heavy on the stomach! (but ohh, so good!)

That evening I suddenly got troubles with my troath and spent most of the night coughing in stead of sleeping. The next day I toughed and coughed my way trough a class on making magazines at PGO-support, lead in an enjoyable way by Evert de Vos and Will Tinnemans. Then I spent another five days in bed with yet another cold.
I had wanted to go to the spring meeting of my patient organisation but didn't feel well enough, so I attended via Skype.

Maarten, Wilma and I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair, it was fun as usual! I went as a victorian lady, Wilma had made me a skirt to go with the corset we had bought in december. The weather was coldish but sunny.

I went to a second day of class on making magazines and got some very nice feedback on our magazine.

kitchen counter sillyness. I sometimes leave something weird for Maarten to find when he gets up in the morning. He had asked for a clean pair of socks since his sockbasket was empty, so I found him some and wanted to make sure he would find them ;-)

Roeland and I went to a studium generale lecture on the Utrectse Caravaggisten by Paul Schnabel.

I went to a panel evening revolving about the question whether the Rijksmuseum could function as a national historical museum. Saw a few familiar faces in the public. It was quite interesting. They seemed to have pretty much the same answer to the main question though: no.

It was still long, back then...

Roeland and I spent a long weekend in Brugge and Ghent. Lots of fun, hot chocolate, Jan Van Eyck, historical buildings, noisy neighbours and Hans Memling.

We ended the month with Wilma's birthday dinner. It was the last time her birthday coïncided with queensday.

Luka having fun with our camera's wrist strap.

Stuffed! What is it with 'gourmetten' (having a hot plate on the table with little pans on it in which everyone prepares their own food, which they gather from plates and bowls spread out on the table) that we always overeat?! ;-)

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