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In March...

March started out with a 2-day film marathon. The theme: the 20 best movies according to Quentin Tarentino. The person hosting it lives only one tramstop away. I joined in on the afternoon of day 1. We saw:

Memories of Murder

Battle Royale

Shaun of the Dead

The Insider

Dazed and Confused

I cooked for 6 people (counting myself); easiest way to make sure the meal fits my dietary requirements and I don't mind doing it. I was home somewhere around 2am, thanks to someone giving me a ride. I had planned to ride my bike but I had a flat tire.

Desert: banana-chocolate cake

The next day it was Fred's birthday. M&P were there with A., they had brought some late birthday presents for me :-) Maarten and I stayed for dinner; Greek takeaway.

#1 advice when attending birthday dinners @ Wilma & Fred's: do NOT let Wilma handle the whipped cream dispenser anywhere near your bowl of icecream!

Afterwards Wilma dropped me off to rejoin the film marathon. We saw:

Team America World Police. Hilarious Southpark-meets-Thunderbirds puppet movie.

Lost in translation. Sweet.

Another late night, and, fortunately, another ride home! (got my bike fixed a couple days later.)

Roeland and I visited some museums in The Hague. We started out at the Gemeentemuseum to see the Gustav Caillebotte exhibition. Nice! Then back to the city center. We saw a banner saying that Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder was having an exhibition on the winter queen and winter king, so we dropped in for a quick visit. Then on to the Haags Historisch Museum for the exhibition on 19th century lady explorer Alexine Tinne.

Spring arrived! I met up with G. in Leiden. It took us a while to find empty seets in front of a café, everyone was out soaking up the sun! We hung out next to and inside of 'De burcht' (a motte-castle). We had a fun afternoon sitting and chatting. And we exchanged birthday gifts, even though it had been over 2 months since my birthday and 5 since her's.

I had lunch with C. at a small bistro, Hooistraat. Nice place and good to meet up with C. again, we hadn't seen each other since May, I think.

I finally managed to join the 'Salon de Museologie', a monthly meet-up in Amsterstam with people from the museum world. Fun and interesting!

I went to the regional day of my faculty, in Utrecht. I attended three lectures; Heidi de Mare on the right academic attitude in the field of cultural studies (at least, that's what I took away from it), Elisabeth den Hartog on how philosophical tradition led to the death of god as proclaimed by Nietzsche, and Martijn van der Burg on the clash of Dutch and French educational systems during the years in the early 19th century when the French ruled the Netherlands. Elisabeth's lecture was my favorite of the day, followed by Martijn's. Days like that are also a good opportunity to catch up with fellow students I don't get to see often, I had a fun day!

I went to Wolvega to visit Frank, Nicolette and Danja on the occasion of Frank's birthday.

The 12th marked the start of 'disciplinaire verdieping kunstgeschiedenis'; a series of days during which the participating students tour cities, churches and museums, whilst trying to keep up with a lecturing and fast-walking teacher. We started off with Maastricht, which is several hours away by train. It was cold and snowy! There were some problems with the trains but eventually I made it there. We saw the Sint Servaas church and the Bonnefantenmuseum, and had lunch in between. On my way home I got off the train at 's-Hertogenbosch, where I had hot chocolate with Rob. I was wearing my owl hat, he was wearing his polar bear hat (I bought both of them in Poland) :-) It was the first time in my life getting a ride on the back of a polar bear's bicycle, that must have been such a silly sight! (and sound; him growling and me hooting off course ;-) )

I had dinner at Basaal, a restaurant in The Hague with a European kitchen, with J. and birthday boy B.. I enjoyed a ham-platter and porc entrecôtes (no piggies for desert though). Afterwards we went to see Argo at the cinema, I liked it better than I had expected.

We celebrated the retirement of our conservator J.. I didn't get to work for him at Meermanno, but we sometimes met during breaks and on special occasions, he's a nice man with a head filled with knowledge.
First, there was a small get-together for employees and volunteers during lunchbreak. I spent the next couple of hours working and decorating a guest-book (simple scrapbooking at work, ha!) for the large reception later that afternoon, during which I was one of the volunteers taking care of drinks.
After the reception I travelled to Leiderdorp for B's birthday gathering. I was one of about 8 guests, we played games: Elfenland, Blokus and Bohnanza, fun! I was given a ride home, my head hit the pillow at about 3am.

At 5:30am (only 2,5 hours later, yikes!) it was time to get up for a daytrip to Aachen with Roeland. We saw the Rathaus, had lunch at a konditorei, I visited the Patlskapel and treasure chamber and we visited the suermondt-ludwig-museum. Thanks to a bomb-scare at Utrecht Centraal, we experienced a couple hours delay during our journey home.

On March 17 I went to bookstore Verwijs in The Hague for a talk by Frits van Oostrom about his newest book. From there, I travelled to Leiden. Roeland and I walked around town for a bit. I then joined a monthly meet-up in a café in Leiden and spent a few hours chatting and drinking (hot chocolate and oj off course ;-) ).

Wilma visited Meermanno, we saw the new exhibition on Russian avant-garde picture books together.
I spent some time at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and then joined the inlaws for granny-in-law's birthday dinner at Italian restaurant La Lanterna.

Each year during her birthday dinner the waiters bring out some fireworks during desert and sing for gran.

Roeland and I visited the exhibition 'WERELDSCHATTEN! Van Cicero tot Erwin Olaf.' (World treasures: from Cirero to Erwin Olaf), with objects from the collections of Leiden University, at Museum de Lakenhal and the exhibition 'Geletterd en Geleerd (Lettered and Learned)' at Museum Boerhaave, about the typography of the scientific publications of academic publishing house Brill.

I went to Utrecht for a day of instruction in art history. In the morning we got a tour in and around the Domchurch, during the afternoon we visited Museum Catharijneconvent.

I bought a new point-and-shoot camera, the old one is showing too much dust specks on photo's. I got a newer version of the same model, a Panasonic Lumix DMC- TZ30.

Playing around with the new camera and its settings

Maarten and I spent 3 days in the nice old city of Leuven. On our way home the fourth day we visited the abbey of Villers-la-Ville, Brussels (hot chocolate!) and Antwerp (Indian dinner).

We saw the first episode of a new season of Doctor Who! (yes, whovians)

I messed up my first ever batch of scones. They didn't look like them and they tasted doughy and hard all at once. Will try again some day.

Other than that I worked at Meermanno, did quite a lot of work for the patient magazine (at home and at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek), saw pretty sunsets on the other side of our living room window, visited Roeland, had milkshakes and smoothies with Maarten (getting good use out of my blender!), paid an easter-visit to my grandparents, studied history of the private life and art history and worked on re-writing a text for academic writing. And spent some time working my way trough 6500+ photo's from which I need to chose which ones to have printed. Yeah, we're a bit behind...

A month of slow study progress, fun and educationally responsible outings, lots of social goodness, nice food, cold weather and a huge amount of hot chocolate.
So, yeah, dried flowers are pretty too... trust me, people, do NOT give us plants unless you want them killed. (Maarten keeps pointing out that there's still one small bit of living green to be found in there so he won't let me toss the plant out.)

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them scones, them scones them dry scones :p

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Niet alle planten gaan (snel) dood bij jullie, op de smoothies foto zie je op de vensterbank een (studenten)plant (volgens de verkoper) die al meer dan jaar heeft overleefd bij jullie!

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