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In January...

To me, the first day of January doesn't just mean a new year, but a new year of my life as well. As usual, I started the new year with celebrating my birthday. And a fun one it was! I really enjoyed the company and all the birthday wishes! I baked my heart out: my usual sugar-free apple cake, a strawberry cheesecake, and some cupcakes which were experiments that didn't turn out that well. I tried flavour aid to add flavour to them. The tropical variety made the cupcakes bright pink, the dough looked like bubblegum :-) The ones to which I added pear flavour and bits of pear were too mushy. Sorry Citrientje, I only took a photo of a pink cupcake ;-)
I got spoiled rotten: cards, pm's, messages on my FB timeline, e-mails, phonecalls, text messages, a fantasy book, a shawl, a food processor, subscriptions to three different museum magazines, a riddles game, kinder bueno white, money, a book-giftcard, an amazon giftcard, a weighing scale (Wilma thought it would go well with the food processor, appearently she expects me to put on weight because of it... yeah, thanks...), an Asterix comic in Latin, a decorated keychain and chocolates.

My food processor. So far, I've used it for mixing cakedough, for grinding cookies for the base of my cheesecake, for making milkshakes (usually pear or banana) and to purée soup.

The consistency of te dough and the colour of these pink cupcakes reminded me of bubblegum. A nice kawaii colour to go with Cupcake ;-)

Fair enough, our own scale had broken down about 1,5 years ago, and I had gained about 3 kilo's during december. Oops. Fortunately, it's saying nicer things to me now. But seriously, a scAle for a birthday present?! ;-)

Angie sent me this pretty keychain. I don't dare to use it for my keys though, I'm afraid it would get damaged in my backpack, so I hung it in my scraproom in stead.

At the end of the month I had a study-deadline for Culturele Vaardigheden 1. In early January I visited the university library of Leiden and the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Library, the national library of the Netherlands, in The Hague) to work on one of the assignments. In late January I visited the Utrechts Archief for an assignment. I met up with fellow student N. at home to finish another one of the assignments. And the days before the deadline I worked late to finish, so I could hand over the assignments at the study center after work on the day of the deadline. I'm such a deadline worker, and even just before a deadline I keep stalling, which is really good for my housekeeping (I even sorted ot the mess in my wardrobe) but terrible for my studies. But I made it, and now I might have to wait up to six weeks before I get a reaction from the teacher. It's a course for which you can only get pass or fail (but if you fail you get a chance to improve things according to feedback.)

On my way to Utrecht. Snow, fog, fields and the rising sun made for pretty views from the train, especially combined with windmills!

At the Utrechts Archief (Archives of Utrecht).

Ready to send in my assignment, just in time!

I also had a deadline earlier in the month, for Schrijfpracticum 2 (writing practicum 2, academic writing.) Another tight one, but I made it, I'll have to wait about two more weeks before I hear back on that one.

My grandfather celebrated his 85th birthday. Afterwards, Danja came home with me to stay over. Together with Maarten we went to see The Hobbit (Imax 3D), it wasn't as good as Lord of the Rings but we did enjoy it a lot. I think I still prefer watching normal movies in stead of 3D, it's easier on the eyes.

Danja often practices nailart. When she came to stay over, Cupcake and I liked her latest creation!

Our dvd-player had to retire due to a non-functioning drawer, and we had been searching for a solution to get proper sound when watching a dvd (something our flatscreen tv doesn't really provide.) Wilma and Fred were kind enough to give us their old dvd-player and Dolby surround set, and came over to install it.

Francien and I visited the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, I blogged about it here.

About a week after my birthday, I sent out an e-mail to my 'co-workers' @ Meermanno to invite them to my birthday celebration during coffee-break in the afternoon. Everyone who could, came, fun! :-) I had brought chocolate-bananacake, applecake, makka poa (a salty Indian snack) and a few other salty snacks.

I met up with Roeland several times. His shy cat is becoming more and more comfortable with me and often came to sit on my lap during visits, cute! I miss cuddling with Aafje, which makes me appreciate the attention of puss Poes all the more!

Rob and I visited 'The road to van Eyck' at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. It was my fourth visit, something that gave me a bit of a van Eyck-fangirl reputation at work. This time around, I finally finished looking at all the works in the exhibition.

Cupcake: "Just my kind of colours!"

Cupcake befriended a muffin at the museum coffeebar.

Maarten and I spent 11 days in Poland. We visited Krakow and Gdansk. Highligts included the fairytale athmosphere of both cities in the snow, befriending Krakow pigeons, seeing Leonardo da Vinci's 'Lady with ermine' and Hans Memling's 'Last supper', the view on the Mariacka from the window of our studio apartment in Gdansk and visiting Wawel Castle and Malbork Castle. We took over 3700 photo's so It'll take a while before I'm ready to blog about this vacation!

If there's one thing I've learned in January, it's that I cannot live without my diary. I have a black one, with my name and the year stamped on the cover in gold. It was a present and I'm making good use of it. I accidentally left it at Roeland's and kept wanting to check things and jot down appointments. So after a few days I actually went to get it (it's a +-50 minute trip one way), I couldn't bear to be parted with it for five more days! ;-) This might sound like a pretty standard thing, but to me, it's a sure sign of the extend to which my life turned around a few years ago, when my health improved. I really didn't need a diary untill then, I wasn't able to get out of the house that often. And now I use it several times a day!

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Thinkie, you have been busy (although that is nothing new). Your studies are coming along - good for you. The picture of the windmill is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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