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In December...

We went to Ikea and bought some new furniture for our livingroom. Now we each have our own workspace.

When we put the apartment on the market, we changed the position of the desk to make the room appear more spacious. After the new bookcases were put together, we put the desk back in its original position. Almost, that is: there was too little space to sit between the cabinets and the desk now. Years ago, we had been talking about a large desk with a workspace for each of us. Now seemed like a good time for that.

So we went to Ikea and picked up two tables of 60x200cm each, together they fit snugly under the bar between livingroom and kitchen. We also got a new chair for me, a new salontable on wheels with some space for magazines and such (the idea is to also put a few photo-albums there in rotation for easy access.)

I went to the Frans Halsmuseum in Haarlem with Roeland. Later that afternoon we went to see 'Anna Karenina' at the cinema. Afterwards we paid a quick visit to Ikea.

Winter came by: cold, snow... It didn't stay long, we have been having warm temperatures for the time of year.

I attended a lecture by Hans Trapman on Erasmus' 'The Praise of Folly' (Lof der Zotheid) with Roeland, D. and A.

We celebrated Sinterklaas with Wilma, Fred, dog Mala and cat Luka.

Roeland and I spent a day in Mechelen, a historic city in Belgium.

Wilma, Danja, Maarten and I attended the Midwinterfair in Archeon.

We celebrated MIL's birthday by having a good dinner at a new place called 'Johnny' at our neighbourhood mall.

I joined up with a few people from Museum Meermanno for a tour of the Panorama Mesdag.

I had a nice dinner in fun company at the restaurant of Filmhuis Den Haag. Especially for Citrientje, who loves photos of food ;-) :

Meermanno's christmas dinner took place in the museum's attic this year. Our usual caterer provided the food. Great athmosphere, good food, fun people...! A new childrens book about our baron (the collection of the baron of Westreenen formed the base of the museum), 'De Kleine Baron had just been published and was read to us, there were speeches for everyone (I got an extra round of applause for my gothic dress ;-) ) and we each got to pick a present from under the christmas tree, each of them held a book (mine is about painter Albert Cuyp). The attic was decorated and we got to marble a christmas ball. It was very relaxed to have it in our own (historical) building, afterwards most of us pitched in with cleaning up.

With members of my student co÷peration I attended 'Macbeth' at the Koninklijke Schouwburg. Not sure what to think of it, I'm still getting used to the way stories are communicated at the theater and the type of acting that is practised.

Y. and I had arranged an activity for members of our patient organisation to send and/or receive christmas cards to/from fellow patients. We distributed the addresses, making sure everyone got about the same amount of cards. We were very happy with the amount of participants!

I attended a guided tour for employees and volunteers of Museum Meermanno around the new exhibition Turcksche Boucken, very interesting!

We had a farewell-reception for P. at Meermanno. The museum is forced to sack several people because of cut-backs in government funding, everyone is very sorry to see P. go, she's such a nice lady! She was the first one I got to do chores for when I first started as a volunteer there and she made me feel very welcome.

I had dinner with Roeland (and his cat, who's very fond of chicken ;-) ) several times.

I received feedback on my two texts for Schrijfpracticum 2 and had to give feedback on four texts of fellow students (all of this happens anonymnously), and have to implement some of the suggestions for improvements from the received feedback.

Maarten and I saw 'Cloud Atlas' at the cinema.

I visited the University Library of Leiden for the first time to actually use it as a library, for Cultuurwetenschappelijke Vaardigheden 1.

D. and I attended a lecture on 'The road to van Eyck' by Martijn Pieters. I already knew most of what he told us, I need to be more careful in choosing lectures, especially ones I have to pay for. But Martijn did a good job and sometimes it's good to have information repeated so I won't forget it. Afterwards we visited the exhibition, my third visit and still I haven't seen it all in detail! I need to go back again!

Maarten and I spent a day in Amsterdam. We started with a visit to the Stedelijk Museum, neither of us had been there before. We then set out to walk the 'Illuminade', part of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Later that evening we took a boat tour that took us along the 'boulevard of light'.

We celebrated the 65th birthday of Maartens dad and had christmas dinner with the inlaws, F+R were there and Maarten picked up granny-in-law by car so she could join us.

We had christmas dinner with Wilma, Fred and M+P. Overate big time, as usual during christmas dinners there ;-)

We had christmas dinner with Roeland and R., it was so much fun to have good friends over for christmas! I made onion soup, goat-cheese cheddar pear hazelnut pizza, a simple ovendish with potatoes, zuchini and eggplant and a simple salad, and for desert we had 'real' hot chocolate: chocolate melted in milk. I made the first portion a bit too solid :-) It was a nice excuse to get out all our christmas decoration and candles!

I took a twilight tour of Gouda.

We had lunch (more like: dinner in the afternoon) with my grandparents; cauliflower and meatballs, prepared by my grandfather, like they used to serve me every weekend when I was a kid, since I liked it so much.

We went to see the exhibition on Anish Kapoor in De Pont in Tilburg, which we liked a lot.

Maarten and I spent new years eve at home, watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2012, eating oliebollen, tidying up the flat for receiving my birthday guests, hanging out and watching the fireworks. They have finished taking down the trees along the lane and now we can see the highest bits of the skyline of The Hague from our livingroom window. We could also see some of the fireworks in Leidschenveen, the nearest part of The Hague.

A tropical swimmingpool of wax

Maarten's spin on the fireworks

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